Digest 52

A special catch up on…. everything!

Digest 52, and a daramatic shot of a Ferrari slot car

This week we feature more than 400 slot track plans, over 200 magazines, 150 graphics, 40 slot racing clubs, 40 retailers, a how to manual, the history of the NSCC, the UKSCF, VIP, Vanquish, STS, Maxi Models, Wrenn and Super Shells, and as if that wasn’t enough we also have nearly 30,000 slot car posts to keep you busy.


Mercedes Benz slot car and crowd of figures
  • The Forum The Slotracer forum is a friendly discussion board where we chat about slot cars, tracks, and racing. It’s a great place to get advice, or show off your work. It’s also a lot more organised than social media, so discussions don’t disappear after a day, and are always available for reference or general interest. So why not drop by sometime?


Events from the Calendar
  • Calendar The Calendar is the place to find out what’s going on in the world of slot cars, but it’s also the place for you to promote your own events. Whether it’s a club meeting, race night, swapmeet, or proxy race, just put it in the Calendar and we’ll feature it in the Digest, and post it on Facebook.
Pages from the SlotRacer printable calendar
  • Calendar If you like a proper, paper calendar, then the 2023 SlotRacer Calendar is now available to download and print. It has a year to a page frontispiece for easy reference, then separate pages for each month with plenty of room for your notes, reminders and the dreaded ‘to do’ list. Each page features one of Doug Johnson’s fabulous slot car photos, and the calendar prints at a standard A4 size.

Slot Cars

  • The SlotRacer’s Manual The SlotRacer’s Manual is our attempt to guide you through all the steps you’ll need to get your cars running smoother and faster, your track working perfectly, and your trackside scenery looking fantastic. In bite sized chunks, and simple language, we’ll show you how to maintain and tune your cars, how to design and make your track, and how to create realistic scenery, without spending a fortune.
Slot cars and figures
  • Slotcar Alley Slotcar Alley is a magical place where all of the most important slot car companies, people and organisations have been gathered together onto one street. So you won’t have to go searching far and wide for your slot car needs, because you can find everything right here. Please feel free to have a wander.

Tracks & Scenery

A range of slot tracks
  • Members’ Tracks If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your track build, or if like me, you just like seeing what others have done with their layouts, then you’ve come to the right place. Each one of these tracks is fantastic in it’s own right, but when you put them all together, when you see the range and diversity of ideas, and the talent of the makers, I think it makes a fantastic advert for our hobby.
The J-Trak Scalextric system
  • J-Trak J-Trak is the ultimate “do it yourself” modular system for portable Scalextric Sport and Digital tracks. It’s a semi-permanent, modular table based layout system, that you can add to, alter, or join with other J-Traks to make larger layouts. We have a step by step guide, and a multitude of module designs.

Slot Racing Clubs

Slot racing club tracks
  • Slot Racing Clubs Slot racing clubs are at the heart of our hobby, with knowledgeable members, a friendly environment, and competitive racing. Check out our directory of clubs, or find a club near you with our club maps.


Screenshote from the ARC Pro app
  • ARC Pro Guide This is our ARC Pro app user guide, but it’s also much more than that. It’s not just about the technical details, it’s also stacked full of useful tips about how to use Scalextric’s digital racing app practically, in a real racing environment.

Magazines & Graphics

Slot car magazine covers
  • The Library The SlotRacer library is a growing collection of catalogues and magazines dating from the very beginnings of the hobby, right through to the present day. We have everything from official brand catalogues, and brochures, to independent periodicals, and magazines covering a wide range of slot racing, and modelling subjects. These are the publications that have shaped and promoted our hobby for 60 years.
Graphics, logos, and banners
  • Slot Track Graphics An A to Z of slot track graphics, banners, logos, textures, posters and backdrops. In short, everything you need to get your your track kitted out, and your track room looking great. These are all free to download, for you to print off and use however you see fit.


Slot track plans
  • Track Plans Whatever style of track you are interested in, whether you prefer Scalextric, Carrera, or routed, if you want a single lane rally track, or an eight lane club track, and whether you’re interested in analogue or digital, it’s definitely worth a look at our track plans for ideas and perhaps inspiration.
Programme covers from the airfield tracks
  • British Racing Greens This is the story of the airfield Circuits of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, how they changed the course of motorsport history, and in turn perhaps the history of slot cars. It’s a tale worth telling, and there are also over sixty Scalextric track plans included.
Car plans, technical drawings, and slot car box art
  • Artomotive Classic cars, plans, technical drawings and cutaways, all defined by the human hand. Artomotive is an unashamedly nostalgic look back at at a bygone era, and a chance to make some of the wonderful plans, drawings, artwork, and articles of those bygone days available to a wider audience.
Formula One track plans and info
  • F1 Track Plans 2018 Over 70 F1 track plans from the 2018 season, in different scales, and using different track systems, with elevation maps, race results and reports, and a bit of history thrown in too. It’s pretty good for the first 17 races, and one day I’ll finish it off.
Pages from 101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers
  • 101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers This is the classic 1960s Scalextric track plans magazine, loosely recreated, lovingly restored, diligently revised, and digitally remastered. All of the big, bold vintage feel, but now in amazing high fidelity! The original artwork, calligraphy, and graphics have all been carefully renovated, and the track plans have been converted for Sport track, and adapted where necessary.


A Maxi Models slot car, VIP box set, and STS and Wrenn graphics
  • Lost & Found Slot car racing has a fairly long history now, having been around for over 60 years. During that time many manufacturers have come and gone, and many products have been presented, only to disappear. Of course, some of those manufacturers and products fully deserved to fall by the wayside. But then there were the others that perhaps deserved more, the ones that are fondly remembered, sorely missed, and still collected to this day.
NSCC journal covers, UKSCF posters, and Vanquish and Scalextric slot cars
  • The Chronicle The Chronicle has several stories to tell. It has the detailed history of the National Scalextric Collectors’ Club, the origins of the UK Slot Car Festival, the building of the Ultimate Hillclimb, and some of the baffling decisions taken by Scalextric and SCX.


Scenes from the film Grand Prix
  • Grand Prix Directed by John Frankenheimer, this classic 1966 film was both innovative and iconic, and is rightly classed as a motor sport masterpiece. It featured a star studded international cast, and an even more impressive list of elite drivers. We’ve got a wealth of previously unpublished material to show you, including behind the scenes photos, and publicity shots. This is a whole new angle on a classic and iconic film.
Slot car photographs
  • Photography We’ve obviously got photos all over the site, but this section is solely focused on slot car photos, a place where we’ve drawn together the very best available. With many thanks to Doug Johnson, an ex pro who has kindly supplied us with so many fabulous photographs. It’s a feast for the eyes.