Digest 10

Your round up of slot car news for week 10!

Digest 10, and a Ferrari 308 GTS, Magnum P.I.

Featuring three Audis, two Ferraris, two Peugeots, a Porsche, and a BMW, plus the latest rally proxy news, events and discussion.

Slot Cars

Slot.it Porsche 962
Racer Sideways BMW M6
Two Scaleauto Peugeots
Racing Replicas Ferrari 250 California
Hobbyclassic Ferrari 308 GTS, Magnum P.I.
  • Ferrari 308 GTS Magnum P.I. After an unfortunate delay HobbyClassic have finally released their Ferrari 308 GTS. The 308 was famously driven to worldwide fame by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. and this model is a limited edition of only 50 units based on the Avant Slot 308.
NSR Audi R8


Austin 1800 on the rally start ramp
  • Rally Cars Slotting Proxy 2023 The Rally Cars Slotting Proxy has begun, with scrutineering now completed, the cars have all been presented, and results from the first stage at Spen Brook are due imminently.


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