Digest 1

The Digest, Motor sports comics, Gulf billboard, Toyota GT kit, and AMT Lola scratch build

Let’s kick off the New Year as we mean to carry on, with a bumper crop of interesting bits and bob to rummage through.


  • Slot Car Addicts of North Carolina (SCANC) – You’d be hard pushed to find a better collection of tracks than in North Carolina, with no fewer then 7 routed MDF tracks in close proximity. Check them out, and if you’re in the area get in touch.
Slotzuka, a routed four lane slot track based on Suzuka
Slotzuka, a routed four lane track in North Carolina

Scratch Building

1/24th AMT Lola T70 in Champagne Gold
1/24th AMT Lola T70
  • 1/24th AMT Lola T70 – Another stunner from Chris, a Champagne Gold fantasy livery, that would look at home on a 65/66 USRRC or CamAm car.
  • 1950 VW Beetle – An ARII static kit being built into a 1954 Carrera Panamericana car.
  • Whats on your bench? – lets see your current builds, upgrades for racing, kitbashing or just generally what is on your bench.
  • 3D printed chassis – You’ve got to admire MRRC for producing a Kellison, it’s not exactly the most well known car. But you’ve also got to applaud John for making a custom 3DP chassis for it.
MMRC Kellison
3d printed chassis for the MMRC Kellison
  • Scratch building an aluminium chassis – Ken’s in depth guide to how he builds his race winning aluminium chassis. Could this ever replace the ubiquitous brass chassis, the 3D printed chassis, or even the popsicle stick chassis? Well results look promising so far, and we’re hearing good things. We’ll keep you posted.
Scratch built aluminium chassis with wheels, guide, and motor mounted
Scratch built aluminium chassis

Slot Cars


Tracks & Scenery

Magnetic Racing billboards
Magnetic Racing Billboards
  • 1/32 scale billboards from Magnetic Racing- A great range of advertising billboards, with painted or unpainted versions, or even illuminated. 125mm wide x 54mm deep x 230mm tall, though sizes vary

Slot Racing

Rally Sprint Proxy

WHO Rally Sprint Proxy

The composition of the WHO Rally-Sprint Proxy Event has been firmed up with 12 special stages in this provisional route:

  • SS1: Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink 1 – routed foamboard. Brighton
  • SS2: Falmer Rallycross 1 – Ninco + Ninco off-road. Brighton
  • SS3: Martyrs’ Mile – Scalextric Sport + Classic. Goring-by-Sea
  • SS4: Jupp’s Cup – Scalextric Sport + Classic. Goring-by-Sea
  • SS5: SouthDowns Hill Climb 1 – Scalextric Sport. Barnham
  • SS6: SouthDowns Hill Climb 2 – Scalextric Sport. Barnham
  • SS7: Martlets Rally Stage 1 – Scalextric Sport. Worthing
  • SS8: Martlets Rally Stage 2 – Scalextric Sport. Worthing
  • SS9: Saddlescombe to Devil’s Dyke 1 – SCX Classic. Brighton
  • SS10: Saddlescombe to Devil’s Dyke 2 – SCX Classic. Brighton
  • SS11: Falmer Rallycross 2 – Ninco + Ninco off-road. Brighton
  • SS12: Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink 2 – routed foamboard. Brighton

There is still time to enter the WHO Rally-Sprint Proxy Event, but you’ll need to get your entries posted in time to arrive at the start of the event no later than 18th January. Expect regular updates from rally HQ over the next few weeks.

HO Drag Proxy

HO Drag Proxy

HO Drag Proxy 12-13 January 2021 SIGN-UP – Just a quick reminder to get your cars in the post ASAP for next week’s event.


This week we have a distinctly “best of British” bonanza in our look at the most memorable of motors.

Tiny red Peel Trident microcar
Rare original, sold for $67,200
  • The Peel Trident – The Peel P50 was built in 1963 and 1964 by Peel Engineering, Ltd., in the town of Peel on the Isle of Man. Reputed to be the world’s smallest car, the diminutive fiberglass single-seater was and still is a marvel of space efficiency.
  • 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk II –The reason this DB2/4 Mk II is so memorable is because of its unusual looks. Whereas many of its siblings have pristine paint and immaculate interiors thanks to careful restorations, this car is quite different. This is the Aston that can’t be killed.
The Aston Martin that can’t be killed
The Aston Martin that can’t be killed

A Swallow bodied Austin 7 in two tone black and white
A Swallow bodied Austin 7
  • A Brief History of the Austin 7 – the Austin 7 was liberation from buses and trains, it was freedom on four skinny wheels and it was unforgettable.
  • The Peerless GT – a little-known British sports car that shocked the racing world in 1958 when it took a class win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and came in 16th overall – an astonishing feat for a brand new automobile manufacturer that had only shown its first car the year before at the 1957 Paris Motor Show.
  • British Motor Museum – Find out more about the British car industry through a 45 minute virtual history talk with our team. With different talks focusing on specific cars and themes, there is something for everyone! These will be delivered by our team and the technology will be provided if needed – you just need Wi-Fi. 
    • The evolution of the British motor industry
    • ‘Wizardry on wheels’ the Mini
Morris Mini Minor sales poster
Wizardry on Wheels