Digest 34

All the latest news in bite sized pieces. Tuck in!

Digest 34, and a Racing Replicas Datsun 240Z

This week we feature two classic Datsuns, a couple of Edwardian racers, a Hillman Imp, a hand carved Corvette, a host of Scalextric cars, and dozens of 3D printed cars, plus we have all the events from the diary, the latest videos, and our photo of the week.

Slot Cars

Slo.it Datsun 510 prototype
  • Slot.it Datsun 510 Perhaps the biggest news of the week was the surprise announcement by Maurizio Ferrari that Slot.it intend to produce a Datsun 510, pending the approval of Nissan. This would not just be a popular choice of model, but is also expected to usher in a whole new range of Trans Am cars from the company.
George Turner's new Hillman, Hotchkiss and Napier kits
  • George Turner Models George Turner has announced three new kits which are available now…
  • Hillman Imp First up is a 1/24 scale, Alan Fraser Hillman Imp which has a 3D printed Iso Fulcrum chassis.
  • Hotchkiss Adding to the ever expanding range of Edwardian racers is the 1904 Hotchkiss
  • Napier Also from the Edwardian racers series is the 1904 Napier. There are now over twenty kits offered in the Edwardian GP series.
Scalextric releases for August and September
Corvette SS 1957 (XP-64), a habd carved slot car body
  • Corvette SS 1957 (XP-64) Taking a block of wood and turning it into a slot car is quite a skill. So it’s well worth a few minutes to check out Carver’s progress in sculpting his 1957 Corvette SS. Impressive work.
3D printed slot cars
  • 3D Printed Bodies & Chassis If you don’t fancy carving your own slot car, then 3D printing might be another option. Our members have posted an impressive array of rare, 3D printed models which are just not available commercially.
Racing Replicas Datsun 240z


Slot car event posters


Photo of the Week

Slot It Toyota 88C, LeMans 24hr 1988

Slot It Toyota 88C slot car, in front of a Japanese restaurant

Photo by Mamoru Teranishi