Digest 19

Digest 19, and a Scalextric Lamborghini Countach


BRM Logo
Various BRM photos, including Graham and Damon Hill, Dan Gurney and Alfred Owen, and various BRM cars
  • BRM, the Inside Story The biggest story of the week is that we have a new section on the site! The inspiration for our new section came from a British Racing Motors team mechanic, Dennis ‘Sheriff’ Perkins who worked for the team for well over a decade from the mid 1950s onwards, and who took unique photos throughout his time with the team. Those photos give us a new perspective, and form the basis for us to take a detailed look at the history of BRM, from the incredible V16 engined Type 15, to winning the World Championship and beyond. From the cock ups to the conquests, and back again, it’s all there.

Slot Cars

Slot.it Oreca 07, from Le Mans 2022
Slot.it Lola B12/80
A group Fly Renault 5 Turbos
  • Fly Renault 5 Turbos Fly have announced no fewer than six new Renault 5 Turbos liveries. These will include cars from the Rally Tour de Corse 1981, Rally Tour de Corse 1983, Rally Principe de Asturias 1984, Rally Corte Ingles 1984, Rally Tour de Corse 1985, and a James Bond version from the 1983 film Never Say Never Again. The rally cars are expected at the end of the month, and the Bond car is expected in September.
Scalextric Lamborghini Countach
  • Scalextric Lamborghini Countach Scalextric’s new Countach is the Walter Wolf special. Wolf of course was an Austrian born, Canadian millionaire who bought his own Formula One team, and also commissioned Lamborghini to build three custom versions of the Countach. The cars had extensive modifications, which in turn influenced the evolution of the Lamborghini. Available to pre-order and expected in the summer.

Slot Racing

Lancia Stratos, Rally Cars Slotting Proxy
  • Rally Cars Slotting Proxy Results from the eighth round of the rally proxy are coming in from Burnley. On the day of “Crowning the King” the overall results were beginning to look like we also have a “king proxy slotracer” to crown very soon, or will there be a change on the last two Rounds at the last minute………. The latest results have been uploaded onto the database.

Tracks & Scenery

3D printed track gantry
  • Track Gantry JMay has designed a great 3D printed track gantry for GT Raceways. The gantry will house the IR transmitters for the timing system on the six lane Ninco track. The design has been printed in nine sections, and is telescopic to allow 40mm of adjustment on the width. The STL file is available, and allows a six lane or four lane version to be printed.


Slot car event posters

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Photo of the Week

MRRC 1/32 Kellison J4-R Coupe

Photo by Mamoru Teranishi