Digest 18

Digest 18, with a Slot Classic Frazer Nash Le Mans coupe

Slot Cars

Scalextric Harry Potter Ford Anglia
  • Scalextric Ford Anglia Although it was widely predicted, probably the biggest news of the week was Scalextric’s announcement of the Harry Potter Ford Anglia 105E, which was unveiled on International Harry Potter Day. The model is scheduled for release in the Summer.
Fly BMW M1
Avant Slot Opel Manta 400 and GMC van
Marlboro liveried Avant Slot Opel Manta 400
Avant Slot Porsche Kremer K8 slot cars
Slot.it Datsun 510
Three Scaleauto Peugeot 208 slot cars
  • Slot Classic Frazer Nash Slot Classic have posted the first photos of their stunning new model, the 1954 Frazer Nash Le Mans Coupé which finished 11th at Le Mans in the hands of Marcel Becquart and Maurice Gatsonides. As always, this Slot Classic model is a hand made limited edition of 400 units. Production begins this month and the model is now available to pre-order.


Magnetic Racing farmhouse model
  • Magnetic Racing Farmhouse Magnetic Racing have added to their extensive range of trackside models with a new, 1/32 scale farmhouse. There are two versions available, the first with an etched brickwork finish, and the second with separate bricks to apply yourself.


Slot car event posters



MR Slotcar Porsche 911 GT1

MR Slotcar Porsche 911 GT1

Photo by Doug Johnson

A busy pit lane.

A busy slot car pit lane

Photos by MMM Slot Car Tracks