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Formula 152


G. & R. Wrenn Limited were already well established as a model railway specialist when they turned their attentions to slot cars in 1959.

Their were several totally unique features of the Formula 152 system which they presented to great acclaim at the Brighton Toy Fair in 1960.

First, it was produced in the unusually small scale of 1/52, hence the name. Secondly it allowed three cars to be independently controlled on each lane. And finally it allowed cars to actually change lanes.

It was an unusually technologically advanced system for its day, and though it never matched Scalextric in popularity, it nevertheless continued in production until at least 1967.

But with increased competition from larger, less expensive slot car sets, Wrenn's position in the marketplace was gradually eroded. G. & R. Wrenn Limited returned to their original business as a model railway manufacturer, and were eventually sold to Dapol in 1992.