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Policar Ferrari 412P - Spa 1967

A very welcome addition to the Policar / Classic Sport range is this fabulous model of the Ferrari 412P entered by Ecurie Francorchamps at the 1967 Spa 1000 Kms...


The 412P was the customer version of the 1966 330 P3. Two 412Ps were converted from 330 P3 cars (with the unofficial designation P3/412) and two were built as 412Ps, including the chassis (0850) that was run by Ecurie Francorchamps. The Belgian 412P featured 330 P3 spec chassis and four-litre V12 engine, with the factory fuel injection replaced by Weber carburettors. This reduced the horsepower somewhat - Ferrari wanting the customer cars to pick up world championship points, but not threaten the factory 330 P4s for race wins. The 412Ps were all fitted with updated bodywork that resembled the 1967 P4.


The difference between the two P3/412s and the pair of 'pure' 412Ps came about as a result of industrial action in Italy during 1966. Only three of the five P3 chassis were completed. The final two remained untouched and became the 412Ps raced by Ecurie Francorchamps and Maranello Concessionaires in 1967.


The 1967 Spa 1000 Kms was most notable for the winning Mirage M1 driven by Jacky Ickx and Dick Thompson. The Ecurie Francorchamps 412P qualified fourth, just behind the works P4. An accident in the wet ended the race for the Belgian team's Belgian drivers Willy Mairesse and Jean 'Beurlys' Braton. And although those blue wheels look fabulous and did get used during the weekend, it does look from photos of the race that the car started on gold rims.


All four 412Ps survive and are estimated to be worth upwards of $35–45 million if they were ever to come up at auction.

You can buy the Policar version for a much more reasonable RRP of £59.95 and is in stock at MRE. The car is still listed as a pre-order at Pendle Slot Racing, priced £49.50.

Under the beautiful body, everything is what you'd expect in a Classic Sport car - except the rear wheels are plastic. All the dimensions of the 412P are identical to the previous Policar 330 P4 release.

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Nice looking car.
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Well, this is unfortunate...

Quote:Dear Friends and Customers, unfortunately despite our efforts, we have detected decoration flaws in the bodies of many CAR06b Policar Ferrari P4 models. 

Our aim is to manufacture high quality models, and therefore, we have decided to pause the sales of the existing stock in order to check them thoroughly. Our distributors and resellers have been informed. If your model is not of the quality you expect from us, feel free to contact us. Please accept our apologies.

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