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Professor Motor in the UK


Professor Motor are based in Saline, Michigan and are well known for their excellent range of slot car controllers and for selling plenty of mostly European slot car goodies to the good folk of North America. Now the tables have turned and Gaugemaster will be distributing Professor Motor's products in the UK.

Here's the news from Terry Smith at Gaugemaster:

Quote:At the moment we will be focusing on items missing/useful to the UK market but as our relationship grows we can look at expanding this. This is what is currently going through UK customs as we speak...

NINCO N-Digital Lane Changers and Pit Lanes


These are sold without the Ninco N-Digital electronics to allow after-market modules - such as the oXigen O203a Lane Changer Driver - to be fitted. This is fabulous news for oXigen racers who use Ninco track at home or for club racing as the original Ninco pieces are almost impossible to find.

Ninco 40207 Double Lane Change Straight (no electronics) RRP £39.50
Ninco 40203 Pit Lane Set (no electronics) RRP £42.50

Professor Motor Controllers


Quote:Like a lot of things you get in starter set, controllers are built to a price  and are often the first thing to fail or get broken. While the market has many controllers designed for club users and with price tags to match, we think these two controllers - resistor and fully electronic versions - are an ideal upgrade for home users.

Professor Motor PMTR2113 'Ninco / Scalextric Sport' Electronic Controller RRP £54.95
Professor Motor "Ninco / Scalextric Sport Home Set" Model Electronic Controller - Recommended Operating Voltage: standard wall pack transformer - NEGATIVE polarity - Includes new one piece 6 foot (1.8m) high quality molded wire cord with 3.5mm plug and integral strain relief - New "Platinum Series" transistor based technology - Recommended Applications : 1/32 home and club track racing on Scalextric Sport and Ninco Track home sets through mild modified 1/32 motors.

Professor Motor PMTR2137 35 ohm Resistor Controller RRP £44.95
Professor Motor 35 Ohm Resistor Controller - Includes coiled cord insulated wire harness and RJ Phone type plug for newer Ninco. Also electronic self resetting circuit breaker to protect against accidental misconnect. This controller is NOT polarity sensitive. Recommended Applications : Stock or mildly tuned RTR Cars (1/32 Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco, Monogram, etc.), stock to moderate tuned HO.

Monogram / Revell bodies


I get the impression that Terry is pretty excited by these bodies...

Quote:Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I know, but there is no doubt that the Classic NASCAR range from Monogram / Revell were extremely popular and prices have risen sharply on these over the last few years. Well, the Professor has managed to acquire the injection moulds for these and other Monogram branded body shells as well. First releases are three different Ford Stock cars and a wide arched Cooper-Ford. These will fit old/new Monogram chassis but also watch out for custom chassis hitting the market for these models. We are hoping that RTR models of these cars will emerge in the future.

PMTR3016 Monogram Series II Type 1/32 Cooper Ford Body Kit. RRP £17.95
PMTR8505 Monogram 1967 Ford Fairlane Stock Car White Body Kit w/ interior. RRP £24.94
PMTR8506 Mongram 1965 Ford Galaxie Stock Car White Body Kit w/ interior. RRP £24.94
PMTR8507 Mongram 1963 Ford Galaxie Stock Car White Body Kit w/ interior. RRP £24.94


Huge thanks to Terry at Gaugemaster for sending us pictures, release details and words for us to use exclusively here at SlotRacer Online.
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Now those white kits are very interesting.  Would make a great club class.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool
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Excellent news ........ this should save a shed load of custom charges and the bloody PO adding their cut to the overall cost .... Drinkingcheers
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JS Chassis Design - who post here on SlotRacer Online - produce all-in-one chassis for the two Galaxies and the Fairlane. Looks from their stock list (the cars are listed under Revell) that inline and anglewinder chassis are available for a choice of short and long can motors.

Really good to hear this.

I have been using a PM controller for 18 years now  - it is old but fully modded, and runs all motors virtually up to modifies 16D's from the 60's.... really really good.

I will definitely look at those white bodies as well :)
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