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Info 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies

Would like to introduce JS Chassis design, a home hobby group supplying 3d printed chassis’ for old and new Scalextrics, Fly, SCX, Ninco,  Carrera, Teamslot, Pioneer, Advant and the Supershells range of F1 & GT shells.

Currently we are residing on Facebook with our JS Chassis page where we post regular update on new chassis’, take requests and otherwise show case the products.

The current range has over 150 chassis’ listed with permutations of motor orientation (AW, IL & SW) on many of these using our own pod system which is integral to the chassis on torsion arms (suspension feature) or using the Slot It Touring pod. Where possible the chassis’ are offered with a range of motors from the FF50 (slimline) to the FC130 (black stripe Scalex etc) and the FH180 (Boxer).

Recent development includes a range of F1 chassis’ for the Scalextric 1970s cars i.e. Ligier, BRM, Elf Renault, Tyrell, March 6 wheeler Ferrari 312 McLaren M23, Lotus 72/77, with more being planned. In addition we have just added a 4WD option for the Scalextric Rally cars, (Lancer, Subaru, Metro, Sierra) including  big arch Mini clone for which we can supply the body shell 3d printed.

Some examples of cars built up by the group and customers.

SCX Audi Quattro with the 4WD chassis on the Shepton Rally stage

4WD chassis


Scalex Mini Clubman (IL FC130)


Scalex TR7 (IL FC130) not looking like a pickup truck………


Scalex Escort Mexico


Scalex MG Lola with wing (AW & IL FC130)


Carrera Daytona (IL Boxer & FC130)


Scalextric BRM P180 with FC130 chassis


Supershells Lotus 30 and JS chassis (SW FC130)


Mayterham 7 3d printed body & IL FC130 chassis (Pic courtesy of Silverwood Raceway)


Chassis’ & body shells can be ordered via the FB page following the details in the stock list PDF pinned in announcements.

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Welcome John  Wavegreen

Could a list of chassis available be posted here (as a pdf attachment)? That would be awesome for those who don't or won't do facebook...

          As requested the PDF stock list from the FB page. For those who don't do FB then send me an IM using Slotracer for any enquires.

.pdf Stock List October 2019.pdf Size: 103.75 KB  Downloads: 16

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I love these chassis, at least 500% better than the original manufacturers version  Wrench

Work in progress here at JS Chassis, below is the ‘Mayhem’ Mini loosely based on the Clubman but given the big arch treatment as seen on hill climb and other Mini specials. This is printed from ABS in one piece as shown, and is straight off the printer with only a base support removed.

This will come with a choice of Chassis’ options as follows

2WD IL FC130
2WD IL Boxer
4WD IL Boxer (twin shaft motor) see pic 2 in post 1.

This will be ready soon, updates posted on the FB page.
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