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3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 4th-Oct-19

Would like to introduce JS Chassis design, a home hobby group supplying 3d printed chassis’ for old and new Scalextrics, Fly, SCX, Ninco,  Carrera, Teamslot, Pioneer, Advant and the Supershells range of F1 & GT shells plus a range of bodyshells. 

Currently we are residing on Facebook with our JS Chassis page where we post regular update on new chassis’, take requests and otherwise show case the products.

The current range has over 250 chassis’ listed with permutations of motor orientation (AW, IL & SW) on many of these using our own pod system which is integral to the chassis on torsion arms (suspension feature) or using the Slot It Touring pod. Where possible the chassis’ are offered with a range of motors from the FF50 (slimline) to the FC130 (black stripe Scalex etc) and the FH180 (Boxer) & FK180 (short can).

A full list of chassis, bodies and spare parts can be found in the PDFs in post 3 of this thread.

Some examples of cars built up by the group and customers.

SCX Audi Quattro with the 4WD chassis on the Shepton Rally stage

4WD chassis


Steering chassis either as an adjustable as shown or option for chassis.      

Video of the steering chassis by Andy Broster.


Scalex Mini Clubman (IL FC130)


Scalex TR7 (IL FC130) not looking like a pickup truck………


Scalex Escort Mexico


Scalex MG Lola with wing (AW & IL FC130)


Carrera Daytona (IL Boxer & FC130)


Scalextric BRM P180 with FC130 chassis


Supershells Lotus 30 and JS chassis (SW FC130)


Group 5 conversion kit & chassis (AW/IL) for Scalex XR3i (Pic courtesy of Nigel)


Supersport Wanglia (Pic courtesy of Lee) Body & chassis kit with interior (IL/AW/SW options)


Hillclimb Wanglia (Pic courtesy of Nigel). Body & chassis kit with interior (IL/AW/SW options)


Golf Mk1 Group 5 (Pic courtesy of Nigel). Body & chassis kit with interior (IL/AW/SW options)


Mayterham 7 3d printed body & IL FC130 chassis (Pic courtesy of Silverwood Raceway)


LMP 3d printed body and AW FC130 chassis (Pic courtesy of Silverwood Raceway)


Homage to the Shadow DN4 3d printed body & chassis (Pic courtesy of Danny from Avon Slot car club) 


Homage to the Lola T260 3d printed body & chassis (Pic courtesy of Danny from Avon Slot car club) 


Homage to the 917-10 3d printed body & chassis (Pic courtesy of Danny from Avon Slot car club) 


Homage to the BRM P154 3d printed body & chassis (Pic courtesy of Danny from Avon Slot car club) 


Schkee Lola body kit available with AW or IL Boxer or S can chassis.



Chassis’ & body shells can be ordered via the FB page following the details in the stock list PDF pinned in announcements or using the this forums messenger.


RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - woodcote - 4th-Oct-19

Welcome John  Wavegreen

Could a list of chassis available be posted here (as a pdf attachment)? That would be awesome for those who don't or won't do facebook...

RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 4th-Oct-19

          As requested the PDF stock list from the FB page. For those who don't do FB then send me an IM using Slotracer for any enquires.


Plus the latest Bits Box file showcasing the parts for scratchbuilders




RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - Kevan - 5th-Oct-19

I love these chassis, at least 500% better than the original manufacturers version  Wrench

RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 14th-Oct-19

Work in progress here at JS Chassis, below is the ‘Mayhem’ Mini loosely based on the Clubman but given the big arch treatment as seen on hill climb and other Mini specials. This is printed from ABS in one piece as shown, and is straight off the printer with only a base support removed.

This will come with a choice of Chassis’ options as follows

2WD IL FC130
2WD IL Boxer
4WD IL Boxer (twin shaft motor) see pic 2 in post 1.


Quattro version ready in 1/24 & 1/32 as below. 1/32 comes in two materials either PLA (shown in black or ABS in grey, 1/24 in PLA only with option of AW chassis for Boxer motors. 


Further updates posted on the FB page.

RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 21st-Oct-19

For those of us brought up in the 1960s & 70s on Scalextrics the staple diet for F1 was the Formula Juniors, and at one Christmas my brother & I were given 6 of these ( 4x Lotus, a Porsche & Cooper) plus 4 Minis, a Healy and Mercedes with track by an Aunt who bought a job lot from a neighbour. Sadly these have long gone over the years with just a few broken bits in a tub remaining. 

Fast forward now to recent toy fair and picked up a Lotus C82 for £3. The  motor is inoperable as no brushes, armature looks a bit toasty, rear exhausts broken, guide pin gone, the usual issues but a complete shell with wheels & tyres in good nick. 

Several CAD hours and 4 prints to get the design working we have.


Pod is based on a slimline pod I created for the Supershells F1 range, with an added under pan feature to match the original Lotus under pan. This clips in position using the original front and side clips.


Part of the numerous iterations was the under pan fit plus juggling fitting in the FF50 motor which is thicker than the original FJ motor. To get the motor in and not  lose the driver, something had to give and in this case having to use a 1mm offset cog such that the rear axle could be positioned higher up to avoid that jacked up stance. I also change the rear tyres to a pair of Ninco classics which are a smaller diameter to help with the stance. Bearings as per the Slimline chassis’ are courtesy of Tony Condon who has a stock of the Supershell F1 bodies and parts (see the JS FB page link in the forum Traders section under JS Chassis). 

One of the beauties of these cars is the steering mechanism which had the guide integral but was prone to breaking due to wear & tear thinning the pin down and then one last off would snap it. Fortunately, the guide pin is on a section that can be prised off and replaced.


The 3d version is thicker, deeper and longer so more akin to a blade than a pin now it still fits via the steering pin, but uses a screw to retain. Braids are retained by ferrules at an angle to avoid having to put in a feature below the plate line (3d printing issue) requiring supports.  Haven’t got a working original pin to compare against would hope the blade being longer and more forward will perform better than the original.
On the track the car has a lively performance with the Policar 25K motorand a 28T cog and performs like a more top heavy F1 Policar due to the tall tyres no doubt but it will slide with opposite lock as I remembered. 
The Lotus conversion kit of pod and guide is available via the JS Chassis FB page or send me an IM using this forum. Will see how this goes and will potentially look at doing more conversions for the other Juniors.


RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 26th-Oct-19

Work in progress.



Scalextric Formula junior Porsche, trial print to check fit of the underpan. This will be similar to the Lotus using the FF050 slimline motor and the offsett Slot It cog arrangement. 

Follow up is the BRM & Cooper FJs.


RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 1st-Nov-19

Porsche Formula Junior Part 2
True to form the Formula Junior has proved more difficult than it 1st seemed. The Porsche is deeper than the Lotus so simples I thought, but on opening and checking I found the rear internal snap overlaps the space the Slot it cog needs. The fix is another compromise, I have shortened the wheelbase by 1mm (or 1 ¼” in the real world) so that the snap can be used avoiding having to convert to twin posts. The purists at this point are holding their hands up in horror but it keeps the conversion simple and avoids having to remove the snap and then glue posts in.
With that out of the way the main effort was profiling the underpan to fit the top half of the shell as shown. The original exhausts were part of the bottom shell so have changed this to a separate part that is glued on as this will print more cleanly if printed vertically.
Finished result below this is now ready for sale.

Now onto the BRM and that boat tail………….

RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 4th-Nov-19

Scalextric Porsche GTR3 with JS Chassis. So far released is the AW FC130 option shown below with IL options for the FC130 & Boxer FH180 to come.


Chassis has integral AW pod on torsion arms to give a controlled rock to enhance track performance over the standard SW chassis, and the front axle stubs can be height adjusted on grub screws.


Interior has to go to make way for the chassis, and recommended to use a light weight vac form in its place.

This adds to the range of Scalextric & SCX GT chassis’ we offer, some more Scalextric examples below.







RE: 3d Printed Chassis & Bodies - JMay - 11th-Nov-19

Scalextric Tyrrell Ford 007 picked this up for £3 at a toy fair, to add to the F1 70s collection we are making chassis' for. Some modifications needed to the body shell around the motor moulding at the rear to enable the chassis to fit, but otherwise it uses the existing front shoe fit, plus side and rear screw fixing points.



The chassis show is FC130 powered with a second chassis option to fit Flat 6 as well, chassis has a torsion suspension system and an integral pod for the the motor, as per the rest of the F1 70s range and is available from this week.