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Scalextric Winter 2019-20 releases

There were a few greyed-out images in the 2019 Scalextric catalogue, but those have been fleshed-out in full colour over the past couple of weeks.

First up we have the first two Ford Thunderbird liveries, following on from the all-white version of the car...


C4035 Blue/White/Red is listed as due Autumn 2019


C4067 Red & White is listed as due Winter 2019-20. Both cars will come in the 'super-resistant' style cardboard box at the lower £34.99 price point.

Next are the Jaguar I-Pace electric SUVs that - n the real world - run as a support race at the Formula-E events...


These two will be in the C1401 I-Pace Challenge set, due Winter 2019-20 and priced at £109.99. As with all the basic set cars, these come as super-resistant versions with black windows and no lights.


C4042 Red #3 is listed as due Winter 2019-20.


C4064 is the 'Group 44 Heritage' livery, also listed as due Winter 2019-20. Both these individual cars are full price (RRP £40.99), high-detail with working headlights and rear lights. All the I-Pace cars are DPR for easy conversion to digital.

Also included in the winter releases are two striking cars to add to the BTCC and GT3 stables...


The C4016 VW Passat CC in a 2018 Team Hard livery is another fab addition to the Scalextric BTCC line-up.


The C4044 Mercedes AMG GT3 is a model of the P1 Motorsports entry from the 2018 Daytona 24 hours.

The full 2019 range is listed on the Scalextric website here:
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Another livery to be unveiled recently is the C4057A Bentley Continental GT3 Centenary Edition...


Release is scheduled for Winter 2019-2020 and the RRP £40.99.

There have also been more detailed shots of another Winter 2019-20 release - the C4059 Austin Mini Cooper S as driven by Johnny Adam and Nick Swift at the 2018 Goodwood Revival...


The Mini has front and rear lights, but is not DPR. RRP £40.99.

There's a second heritage livery for the Ford GT GTE...


The Gulf car has just been released and is fabulous. The C4063 black #2 car - commemorating the 1966 Le Mans win for the GT40 - is due Winter 2019-20. RRP £40.99.

And then there's the C4068A Lotus 25...


This much-anticipated release is still marked for Winter 2019-20. I saw the prototype at the UK Slot Car Festival and it looked fabulous. I am sure the Scalextric design team want to get it just right, but I do hope it's ready in time for Christmas! RRP for this one is £45.99.
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There are a few Autumn releases that are now imminent, including this stunning C4056 McLaren 720S Hornby Hobbies Police Department car...


If police cars are your thing, this is a must. And yes, there is a working siren and flashing roof lights. RRP £40.99

I'm a big fan of the Scalextric Aston Martin Vantage GT3 both in terms of looks and performance on the track. It's a different body shape to the successful Le Mans cars, so we have missed out on those lovely liveries. However, the C4036 Nürburgring 24 hours 2018 car is a nice compromise - the GT3 shape and the wonderful Aston Martin Racing metallic green paint and the 007 number. Expected any time soon. RRP £40.99


The final release to look at this time is a Legends limited edition twin pack...


The C4062A Jaguar E-Type 'First Win 1961' set features a new tooling of the Jaguar E-Type with the soft tops they had for their historic first competitive outing - the Oulton Park Trophy for GT cars in April 1961. Graham Hill took the win in the white #5 car, with Roy Salvadori coming home third in the blue #4. I saw pre-production samples of these cars earlier in the year and they looked wonderful. RRP for the set is £85.99 - Limited to 2000 units.
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