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Harrel Racing track....

First for me - this was previewed at this years UK SLot Festival - but I did not hear much raving about it.

Looks absolutely superb.

The site is all German Audio with English Sub Titles



Harrel RS 



Has its own online course planner - which allows you to order what is needed.


Contact the Harrel team for more details - Link Above.
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I stumbled over their website a while ago and am pleased to in turned into reality. Looks very expensive and I think that they launched around the same time as the new Polistil track which will probably become the track to have. 

That is the well known Matt Tucker trying it, but as you say there hasn't been much (any?) talk.


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I saw it at Gaydon and was VERY impressed BUT I race digital AND there was no pricing.  It looks very expensive - fantastic quality and precision but gave the impression you might need a lottery win to afford a decent track.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool
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There's a feature on the track - including an interview with creator Harald Dannert - in the up-coming issue of Slot Car Magazine.

I sat about twenty feet away from the Harrel stand for most of the Gaydon weekend and the whole display was very impressive. I guess there is a market out there for such a high-end product, but I am certainly not it...

I just told Ronnie the price of a single straight piece and I've had to bandage up her jaw Bigsmile

Gordon - I didnt see the pricing - what did you see?

Sit down first.

They were featured in the German Car Online slot car magazine as well.
They are trying to get the best out of both worlds: the smoothness and quiet running of a wood track plus the variability of plastic track.

they also want to address power problems.

The German article goes into great detail about how they manufacture. The wood  is colored MDF it is grey all the way through: no paint rubbing off!
The clots can be lined with colored plastic inserts so you can keep track of lanes: again no chance of the color wearing off or tape coming up.

The mentioned in the article also that the metal rails are magnetic but weaker than Carrera standard track.

There is an adapter for Carrera track and so theoretically you can simply insert Carrera digital track into the mix but they are thinking of making their own digital pieces (for Carrera I presume)

At Gaydon I spoke at length with them and they said the oil barrels you usually see their track setting on is also part of their offering.

Yes it is expensive but they are aiming more at an audience that would be willing to spend money on a wooden track and not the usual home user.

Personally I hope clubs can get into using it. The club I frequent had a new wood track put in and they are not 100% happy with it. If we had gone Harrel we could change the layout.

The other track we have is also over 10 years old and I think people are getting bored with it. The amount of maintenance and your options for repairing are also an important factor.

Curious to see the new article!

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