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Goodwood Revival 2019

I bought my ticket this evening for another Friday trip to the Goodwood Revival in September. The Revival is a highlight of the year for me and Goodwood is my local race track - not counting Madeira Drive for the Brighton Speed Trials.


The Goodwood Revival is a fabulous weekend celebrating the years (1948-1966) when the Goodwood circuit was active. The circuit has been updated to modern standards, but still looks the part - a perfect backdrop for some incredibly rare and exciting cars (and bikes) being driven flat out by talented racers.


Many of the spectators get into the spirit and dress up in period costume and it is possible to get up close to the cars in the paddock and chat to the mechanics, owners and drivers.




Last year the Scalextric team came along with a track and some cars. Hopefully they'll be back again in 2019.


Why Friday? Partly because it is cheaper, but mostly because we get to see all the cars on track for practice and qualifying - followed by the first race of the weekend, the Kinrara Trophy. Then it's home for a weekend of watching the excellent live feed of all the races on Saturday and Sunday. There's more details here:
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It always looks like a fantastic event, with some properly competitive racing.

Wish it was my local race track.

Will you be getting dressed up?

From where I am sitting, Goodwood is about the furthest (proper) race track on mainland UK.
Unfortunately !!

Mind, it saves me the embarrassment of getting dressed up - LOL.  I think a Royal Air Force uniform would suit me.

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We go every other year for the whole weekend and of course we dress up as do 90% of the attendees. Why wouldn't you?

A tip for anybody going for the first time - hotels in West Sussex are few and far between and the prices on Revival weekend are eye watering, £250 a night for a fairly rubbish Travelodge and that is the cheapest! However, Bognor Regis is only 12 miiles away so stay at Butlins, they don't increase their prices and it is in term time so not busy. Book early for some great bargains, last year we paid £125 for 3 nights . It may not be everybody's cup of tea but you are only sleeping there and their chalets are pretty good these days. There are also a couple of hotels on site if you want to go a bit upmarket but they sell out very quickly.
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I'd definitely get togged up.

A nice 50s linen suit, and a Panama hat with a few SlotRacer business cards tucked into the band would be just the thing for a style guru like myself.

Rofl Rofl Rofl
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Definitely have to do the dressing up thing. No-one has to make too much effort, but those who make no effort do stand out from the crowd (and not in a good way). This year's theme is the 60s, so I might have to break out my Shelby pit crew gear again - or put together something new.

I must say that staying in a Butlins chalet seems absolutely the right choice for getting into the Revival mood  Thumbup

My annual Friday trip to Goodwood Revival is just a few hours away... Then it's back home to watch Saturday and Sunday's racing on TV.

There a live stream on the Goodwood website:

And on YouTube from 9am Friday.

The Friday highlight has to be the Kinrara Trophy race from 6.35pm. It is usually a cracking race!
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It usually coincides with the start of school making it difficult but maybe some day, assuming the borders are open, I will darken the Duke's  doorstep !

That was another fab Friday at Goodwood - the fifth (we think) me and Mike have done. The day has become a bit of a ritual, although that was distrupted by an unscheduled hour or so on the Scalextric stand in 2018. No slot car racing this year...

The day starts with picking up Mike and trying to beat the early morning commuters through the bottleneck at Arundel. We were just the wrong side of 7.15am so sat in a queue on the A27 for fifteen minutes. However, the Goodwood organisation is magnificent and we were parked up and walking into the circuit just in time to admire the Spitfire and Mustang air display at 8am.

It's then straight under the tunnel and into the infield area - the Earl's Court motor show, the vast paddock and the aviation display. A much-sought-after paddock pass gets you a close up of all the cars that will race - or be displayed - over the weekend. For the rest of us, we can see about half the cars close up and see most of the others from the outside of the enclosed paddock.

Here are some of the Glover Trophy 1.5 litre Lotus Grand Prix cars...


Can Scalextric replicate that on their Lotus-Climax 25? Those cars were in the closed paddock, but the fabulous St Mary's Trophy 1950-59 slaoon cars were available for all to inspect and watch the mechanics work on them. They are always a highlight, as are the tiny single seaters - this year 1948-59 Formula 3 cars with their 500cc motorbike engines...


Also on show are some magnificent aircraft in the Freddie Match 'Spirit of Aviation' competition (Goodwood was - and still is - an airfield), including a couple of big military versions of the DC-3. There was also a D-Day Commemoration display of military vehicles, including this rather marvellous US Army halftrack...


We heard the Kinrara Trophy GT cars fire up and legged it down to the Assembly Area where they'd wait for their practice and qualifying session to begin...


After a brief pause and a second breakfast, it was off on our traditional anti-clockwise circumnavigation of the track - starting on the Lavant straight and ending at Woodcote corner. We caught the end of the Fordwater practice (what a great race between the Elan and the Mini Marcos this morning!) and then checked out a new grandstand on the inside of the Lavant straight - a great view coming out of the kink and then down to Woodcote.  That's where we watched the start of the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy motorbike practice - and it was loud. The bikes were flat-out down the straight and the grandstand caught every decibel. Fantastic view, but we decided to wander down to Lavant corner a little earlier than usual and catch the bikes coming out of the second apex...


Lavant is the first stop, beer and snooze of the day. The double-apex corner is exciting to watch and the middle of the three grandstands was our spot for St Mary's (1950-59 saloon cars) and Goodwood Trophy (1930-1951 Grand Prix cars) practice sessions.
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Think you have inspired me to be there next year on the friday.....

that is my kind of motor racing and my kind of spectator viewing....

Love the pic of the old Scaley Marshalls hut Thumbup Thumbup Bigsmile
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