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My new 1/43 mountain rally track.

After moving from Norfolk to Dorset, I thought long and hard about building another wooden rally track to replace my old track, 'Little Monte'. Eventually, after doing the necessary decorating in the house, I decided early this year to explore the possibility of fitting an interesting track into my, much smaller, 8' x 6' shed.

As always, this track was to be built on a tight budget, using materials I had to hand or could get cheaply. The track bases were all made out of some 5' x 6" x 12mm plywood boards that I found locally on Marketplace for £2 each. using my old Bosch jigsaw, I cut most of these boards lengthways to give a 3" wide shelf to mount the trackbase on.


With the bases in place, I added the roadway, made partly out of 3mm hardboard, from Freecycle, layed double height, to give a 6mm depth. The rest of the roadway was from 6mm MDF, which I bought from a DIY store in town. All straight track pieces were cut in 1 1/8" wide strips, laid side by side, with an 1/8" gap between them for the slots. These road surfaces were glued and screwed in place using PVA wood glue. The turns were made with the 6mm MDF.


To be continued.

Regards, Lloyd
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Looking good Lloyd, I look forward to seeing it progress :)
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Hi Lloyd,

That will be another challenging track.
It is always a pleasure to see your scratch built 1:43 scale rally cars in the photos.
In that scale it is possible to create cars that are not yet made in 1:32 scale.
I would have loved to talk to you about this at the last UK Slot Car Festival.
Hopefully we can have a chat next year.

Hub Thumbup
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Ah, if all else fails, read the instructions! The photos should work this time!

Once the track was in place, it was time to start the scenery. I used a cardboard lattice for the rock face framework, covered in plaster cloth that I found on Ebay. Then I used the same method to build the tunnels. The tunnel mouths are 6mm MDF.

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As you can well see, I am still struggling with the photos, but I hope that it gives an idea of how the layout was made.

There will be more photos, showing how the layout looks now, soon.

Regards, Lloyd.
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It's got a great European Rally in the mountains look about it  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Here is the track as it is now. It runs well, but have yet to do any timed runs. Much painting and scenery, especially snow, still to do. It feels odd preparing it for snow at the warmest time of the year, but hey, modelling needs imagination!





More to follow

Regards, Lloyd
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This is your next stage...making it mobile


Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Exactly Kevan!

All the best, Lloyd.
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