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Swift Sixteen Tyre Truer.

Hello Guys,

I hope I am allowed to post this here, but if not, I apologise and please remove.

I have been into slot cars all my life like most of us here and my latest Slot Track Build was Crow Valley Sprint Track, it was track No11 at the SlotRacer proxy race last Monday.

I have a new little project that I am making to sell as a product, that being an affordable Slot Car Tyre Truer. I have all but finished the masters need to make my truer and the parts that will be cast in brass have been posted off to the moulder already. The resin casting will be done by me as part of my normal business.

I am aiming at a retail price of £135 ready to use with a speed controller. Attached is a quick picture of the truer in its very basic 'master' form before it gets surface finished and moulded. There are a few small adjustments I want to make before casting, and one of those is to cut a recess into the sanding bar tray so the bar can be double sided. The main body will be cast resin, the pulleys and axle fork will be cast brass and the sanding bar will be alloy. There will also be an LED PWM speed controller mounted in a housing on top of the truer.

Here is the link to my website where it will be uploaded to when finished ready for sale.

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Just a quick update.

I have decided to make only 4 of these units to sell as a first batch as I have no idea how many people would like one. 

Of all the forums and FB groups I've shown this unit to, I've had no interested parties respond to date. I do not believe that this truer is not wanted, I just think people do not want to show interest until I have actual product to show and sell. I fully intend to list the product on Ebay also, and to this end I feel my stock of only 4 will go quickly!

So with this in mind, if anybody here thinks they would like one, it would be a good idea to let me know so I can maybe make my first batch higher than 4. There will be a 3 week wait between batches due to the time it takes for the out sourced brass casting.


Quick update,

I have just pulled the first set of resin castings from my moulds and here are two pics of the basic body assembled with just the ballraces in place to hold the arm. Over the next day, I will assemble all the other parts I have inc the speed controller housing and module. The cast brass axle fork and axle pulley parts are being cast right now and should be with me very soon.

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A little more progress, just waiting for the cast brass parts, sanding paper, drive belt, motor wire and allen key. I've also got the website page all set up ready

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Progress so far.

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Looking good Rob - interested to see finishe product!!

Hopefully I've attached a video link of this running.
I for one have put my order in for one, which hopefully I can collect at Gaydon.

I have been speaking to Rob about this and think he's made something which here in Britain is almost impossible to get at an affordable price.
As he states in this latest video, he has the bands and springs arriving.
To top it off it's Made in Britain.
Great work Rob.

ps.can someone comment whether I've attached the video ok? 

Cheers Tony

The video link is fine Tony.

But you can also embed the actual video here, by using the 'Insert a Video' button, which looks like a film strip. Just choose the source and add the url ...

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Cheers Jason.


I now have a batch of 3 to sell on the day At Gaydon on the Saturday. The truer will be on display on the Slot Car Magazine stand along with my mobile phone number. I will be wandering around the show trying not to buy too many nice things, with the three truers in my bag.

If you would like to buy one, they are £130, but I will only be able to take cash and I can not take any pre-orders, so first come, first served. Once I am back from Gaydon, I will be making another batch of 10, and then from there I am hoping to have them always in stock on my E-Commerce website and Ebay where you can use PayPal.

Many thanks,

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