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Worthing Digital Wednesday - 15 March 2023


We're back at the Barn on Wednesday with another evening of Scalextric digital racing using the RCS64 race management system.

In a change to the published schedule, Wednesday's format is the same as last month with a Nascar club car team race followed by a Pioneer Legends pairs race.

Again, the event coverage will be collective DIY effort - if you have images, videos or words, please post them here.

Doors open at 6.30pm for practice and our digital driving school to get new racers up to speed. The racing starts at 7pm.

Entry is £3 for adults and £2 for under-16s. We ask that all young people aged 12 or below bring a responsible adult with them.

We also ask that if you have symptoms of Covid or the 'flu, please stay away from the Barn until you are fully recovered.

There are more details of our 2023 WHO/digital season in a pdf guide available as a download from our website:
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Great evening at the barn,23 racers turned up for some NASCAR team action and some fast tussly legends pairs racing.

Simon had designed a cracking fast track with some sneaky mixed radius bends.

Oliver seeded the teams and 3 races of 20 mins were organised...

The silver wheeled ford taurus were selected for this months race

A slight hiccup with the software gave everyone a good practice of the start Sweating

We were able to overcome the issue and racing commenced,everyone quickly

finding those mixed radius corners catching them out....

Very close final scores with only 11 laps separating the entire field

Isaacs team four stealing top of the podium and final postions had to be

decided by their fastest lap....

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Nascar race complete,we had 10 legends pairs cars to race next,there was a bit of last minute driver negotiation

to sort out....

Two qualifier heats,top two in each into to final,remainder to battle it out for remaining two spots in a semi fin

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The semi final was a cracker,once the first corner pile up had been sorted out Banghead ...Jerome and Petes legend was very fast and looked like dominating the heat

but they suffered the dreaded legend braid fall out a couple of times ,which required a few excursions to floor to find the offending braid

leaving them trailing by quite a few laps
Meanwhile ,Mike Mcanns legend with new member Steve had moved up into second place  Cheerleaderkid

But a late charge and recovery drive by Jerome stole the second place off Mike Mc at the last corner,

The three debutant cars and pairings all finished with same number of laps,



Much cleaner start in this race,the top three cars went round in a close formation for a number of laps,waiting for one of them to make a mistake,

it was a classic exhibition of how good digital racing can be,well done chaps Thumbup

Ash eventually broke free and posted the only sub 12 second lap,but it was to be another lesson in fuel management

Alex playing the long game whilst the rest blasted the throttle finger this time he only just made it.

He made the last corner before the powerbase just before the time cut out,and Mike D was right on his heels but failed to make the lap

before the time finished and Oliver wasnt that far behind either, the remaining drivers only a lap behind as well

Congrats to Alex and Dean for the win Checkeredflag

It was great to see those legends stretching ther legs down those long straights and thankfull that when you press the brake button

they do pull up Sweating...

Thanks to Ash and Oliver for sterling work on race organizing and control

and Thumbupfor all who helped packing away....
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That's a great track. Thumbup

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