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Painted Scalextric boarders

Has anyone painted there Scalextric boarders if so any pictures? Want to make them look abit more realistic


Have repainted my 4 lane layout, including borders.
Will take, and post, some photos tomorrow.   


The biggest problem is that the paint often doesn't stick well to the plastic. It has to be cleaned and degreased and ideally "keyed" with fine sandpaper or chemical for the paint to stick.
I have only experimented with latex/emulsion.... it held but was a lot of work...
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Try paint for plastic instead of emulsion.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Hello again, 

Here are a couple of pictures of some repainted Scalextric Sport borders.

Fully agree with the earlier advice,  you must make sure that you degrease each border before painting. As with most things like this preparation is key.   I used "builders industrial wipes " to degrease each border and  track piece.   I got them from Wickes,  and they worked a treat. 

I then used an automotive primer in grey, designed for use on plastic,  and sprayed each border and every track piece,  over 200 of them.
Time consuming but well worth the effort.    Do remember to mask the rails if doing track pieces!!

I then painted each piece with Ultra smooth masonry paint,  again grey,  by hand.  One good even coat,  and then left to dry. 

Some borders were decorated with grass scatter,  or Cork granules to represent gravel.   It was spread by hand over PVA glue and then sprayed in place with diluted PVA mixture.   

Absolutely no issue with paint not sticking to the borders or track using this method.   The scatter on the outside of the bends does get lifted by cars running wide, but the paint has never lifted on the borders themselves.  Some of the track has picked up scratches from use, but this actually looks quite realistic and no track surface is perfect! 

Really important to degrease each border section,  not sure if using a primer is necessary,  but it worked perfectly for me. 
Ultra smooth masonry paint gives a really nice level of grip,  better than Scalextric Sport Track,  but still allowing cars to drift nicely. 

Any questions just ask.

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Another option is rubberized spray paint, aka "plasti-dip" and similar products. It sticks well without laborious prep, and can peel off if needed. Spur gears can damage it, but I expect that is the case with the other options. In the past, black was the only option, but as competition increases, so have color options, so it's worth looking at other brands to see what they offer as far as colors... if you don't want black.

Also, on another note... one of the reasons a lot of people prefer the black borders is because the kerbs are flat rather than bumped as the red/white ones are. This reduces the disruption of cars that slide out over the kerb. If you are wanting the flat borders, there are models for 3d printed kerbs that fit into Scalextric Sport borders. You still need the borders, but can pop out the bumped ones and pop in the flat ones. Here's a link to the freely shared models, but I can also be contacted for prints of the models @ 2 for $1 if you need someone to print them. Any color. :)

I used Plastikote to paint my Scalextric track and borders, improved grip and made it more realistic looking,
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(1st-Oct-22, 10:34 AM)roguejackal Wrote:  I used Plastikote to paint my Scalextric track and borders, improved grip and made it more realistic looking,

That is good for some pieces I did with it and it is nice to look. Tak a long time to finish dry.

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I first degreased with white spirit and then applied a thin layer of white wall paint with a roller.
That was about twenty years ago and it is still going well.

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