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2022 GT3 proxy Race 7 Qualifying

Hi Folks , I have been behind posting the GT3 race results.  A lot has been going on.   I should be able to post again going forward.
Tomorrow is the qualifying for Race #7 at MID-BC.  I will post the YouTube link tomorrow.  Most likely around Saturday 5PM Pacific Time.

[Image: 63-E48-D76-55-FB-4-B46-B53-B-8-FC1-A680-B8-F8.jpg]
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Will be interesting to see how the cars have changed since round 0.

Slightly off topic, do you have any idea when the 2023 entry dates might be? Can I assume it will be something like 3 months after the last round in this year's event?

Sorry to ask, but it's all this non-qualifier is currently thinking about!

I love puttering with gears

 I've never seen such a closely matched bunch of fast cars.

The YouTube video of the MID-BC qualifying will be presented today as a Premiere at 5:15PM Pacific time.  I’m off to work later today …ugh!

The Link will be posted soon.

We have been talking about the next GT3 series…..will be posting that soon!!

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Here is the YouTube link for Race #7 qualifying at MID-BC today.

Saturday 5:15PM Pacific time
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[Image: 34010-D7-B-BEFB-4-F52-AC6-B-FD19-A6906891.jpg]

- A total of ten cars dropped in position compared to the their Round 0 / shootout result. Here is my notes on the ten cars that dropped.

1 position dropped
JMS - Fantastic car, dropped from 3rd to 4th. This car is still a touch down on traction compared to Cgyracer or PK CZ's car which I still remember from November. Beautiful!!
Audi1 - awesome car, smooth, maybe a hair less traction than what you had in Round 0.
Big Duhg - Smooth but traction is down. Similar to what I remember back in November. This car fascinates me, it placed an average of 20th place the first four races and the last two races it received a 3rd and 7th place. This is what proxy racing is all about , how do we build a great car that does well with all drivers, variety of track surfaces and conditions.

5 positions dropped
- Smooth but down on traction a bit now.
Brumos RSR - Same as Camber's, traction was the only issue

8 positions dropped
- Very smooth and great traction, speed is down compared to the others.

12 positions dropped
Jimmyslots - 
Another car that just recently caught my attention. Some very good finishes the first six races with two podiums . Race #6 however Jimmy gets top qualifier but yet finished 2nd last. Tires were very clean yesterday after I cleaned them so not sure why the traction issues that seems to have carried over from the last race.
SR Hawaii - Tires are very small and there was black debris that was tough to take off. The slightest pressure of cleaning tape would push the wheels / pod into the car which would not allow the tape to pick up the debris. I had to push down on the inside of the rim to get any debris off and a lot of debris came off with me cleaning the tires this way. SR Hawaii has been in 24th place most of the season and I'm sure it is because of the black debris that is tough to clean.

13 positions dropped
F1Fan - Another car that fascinates me. A great running car that finished 7th in Round 0 and 4th in Race #1. Ever since then the car has not placed well which is very unusual for Sir F1Fan. Round 0 MID-BC is a big 90 foot track with sweeping corners and Race 1 was at the big Tanex track in Vancouver. I really thought the car back at MID-BC qualifying the car would be back to where it was in Round 0. The motor feels very fast plus possibly with slight less traction now the motor is overcoming the traction?

15 positions dropped
Smokeio - 
When I see a series leader drop like this I have alarm bells going off inside my head. What I did notice as you can see in the video the car is extremely loud now and as I pointed out in the video the gear mesh I believe is causing this. It takes quite a bit of movement of the spur gear before it actually engages the pinion. With permission I can try to slide the spur gear towards the angle winder pinion a bit. To me the spur gear might of slipped a bit.

I saw this post from Sherman in Race #5.
"Smokio's #70's gears started getting worringly noisy in the last two heats- finished ok though"

Races #5 & #6 Smokeio finished very well with 4th and 5th places finishes so the noisy gears did not affect the outcome. The car did feel a little loose though yesterday and possibly the gear mesh might not be causing this, I will put the car on the block and makes sure nothing looks weird. This is very concerning to me.

Additional notes

- The two cars with the loose windshields (Brumos RSR & one other car) If they have open side windows I should be able to put a drop of glue through the open side window and put in place. This would be ideal because I hate to open cars up plus the interior would need to be removed and that can be troublesome. I'll see what I can do from the outside. I'll let you know. No penalties, this is from racing wear and tear.

I did see a lot of rubber, rubber balls, and even fibers on the rear and front tires and I think it might be a good practice to clean all four tires just to make sure the cars all start at the same cleanliness. You have to think with well planted front tires that cleanliness would be just as important for the front tires to run true.
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Twenty two cars qualifying below 7 seconds for a race at MID-BC is amazing. It has never happened before.

The 2021 GT3 Proxy we had 13 cars qualify below 7 seconds. The 2021 CanAm Proxy also had 13 cars qualify below 7 seconds. The 7 second mark has always been a threshold of a fantastic car and now it needs to be moved to a weird number such as "6.8 threshold"!

Sure we had 26 cars below 7 seconds in Round 0 / Shootout which is amazing too but that was on fresh tires folks.

Cheers to all the car builders here!

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Here is the groupings that will race determined from the qualifying times.....slowest to fastest. The two outside lanes will be used, the middle lane will not be used, this gives more room for each car. The two outside lanes yellow and blue are more difficult than the middle lane I used in qualifying. They are a different feel with different brake points and tighter turns. A car that runs well in the middle lane might not necessarily run as well in the outside lane.

Since it is an odd number of cars I have programmed Race Coordinator to run the first grouping of cars as a set of three cars rotating between the two lanes. The rest of the groupings is two cars battling it out between each other.

Heats 1 & 2 & 3

#23 OXO Cube #12 SR Hawaii #63 Arroldn
[Image: E9804-C86-0561-4-A89-A941-1457-AD5-E3-E2...JCJZwWtMg%24]

Heats 4 & 5

#188 Steeveew #46 Leadfoot46
[Image: 3-FA20-DF2-DB82-4-FD7-A48-D-C1935-D01-EF...JAgfdXqZA%24]

Heats 6 & 7

#70 Smokeio 99 Big Duhg
[Image: EA1-D22-B8-CAF3-4-E5-F-9581-6-A4-EBAA5-F...JCSFkRl9g%24]

Heats 8 & 9

#88 Ragtopman #7 F1Fan
[Image: F2-F4-F461-DA29-4440-8-ECA-395-F474-EB8-...JBcY1dQeQ%24]

Heats 10 & 11

#33 Brumos RSR #9 Superslab
[Image: B9-DC0199-A0-C7-4283-858-A-1172377001-E0...JDnGq-fCQ%24]

Heats 12 & 13

#79 Jimmyslots #31 Gsnopoint
[Image: B664-D551-6-C4-C-4252-B704-0-C22-B9890-E...xNiWTNWAw%24]

Heats 14 & 15

# 5 Redlynr #13 Modernslots
[Image: 9-F0-CCA79-7601-407-C-B0-BA-AB2-DB8-F38-...JDPMoDaSw%24]

Heats 16 & 17

#48 Rleog #200 Camber
[Image: 9-B9-F0489-5-F35-40-CC-B900-C94-CAA27-F3...xNxZqLbqA%24]

Heats 18 & 19

#54 Lez #93 DF Racing
[Image: 8335-F7-DE-D91-E-4710-9-D27-819738-C7-D1...LTise1U9Q%24]

Heats 20 & 21

#3 Fast Co #2 CourtneyS
[Image: E7-D159-EC-71-C3-43-B5-9199-DDDF45-A2715...LTs6fS07Q%24]

Heats 22 & 23

#60 Loanshark #64 Audi1
[Image: 3-DED7-E08-E4-E1-4-A12-8931-94666-E95-A1...JCz_g7QAw%24]
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