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Scalextric James Bond Aston Martin V8 - The Living Daylights

There's nothing half-hearted about the Scalextric Film & TV range. Since its official launch in 2020, there have been licensed vehicles from a whole string of classic TV and movie franchises. Although Bond DB5s have been done before, Scalextric are deep-diving into the automotive riches of the 007 universe - this 'The Living Daylights' Aston Martin V8 appeared in the 2021 catalogue as a follow up to the 'No Time to Die' version that launched the new mould. This one has "a few optional extras installed"...

C4239 James Bond Aston Martin V8 - The Living Daylights. RRP £53.99. Available now

The Living Daylights was released in 1987, the fifteenth James Bond film and the first starring Timothy Dalton as 007. It was the final Bond film (until the remake of Casino Royale) to be based on an Ian Fleming story. It's full-on Cold War shenanigans with KGB defectors, glamorous Russian assassins and set-piece action scenes in the Czech mountains and Afghanistan. A lot has changed in the past 35 years, but classic Bond is always highly entertaining...

The star of the Czechoslovak episode is the V8 Vantage - a production model tweaked at Q Branch with the following customisations:

  • Police band radio
  • Tyre spikes
  • Rocket motor behind rear number plate
  • Retractable outriggers
  • Heat-seeking missiles behind front fog lights
  • Lasers in front wheel hubcaps
  • Bulletproof windows and body
  • Self-destruct system
The Scalextric model references all the visible gadgets. The actual movie car - with outriggers fitted - currently resides at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, as part of their Bond in Motion exhibition. The same fictional car (B549 WUU) reappeared in the 2021 film No Time to Die, which was full of references to celebrate 60 years of Bond movies. This time, the V8 was simply a way of getting from A to B without any drama or fireworks.

Many of these Scalextric Film & TV cars will stay in their nicely-designed collectors boxes - but I have seen plenty on action on scenic home tracks. In my mind, slot cars are meant to be run - so to show of this Aston Martin V8 on a snow-covered layout would be the ultimate buzz for any hard-core Bond fan.

The C4239 James Bond Aston Martin V8 'The Living Daylights' is available to buy from the Scalextric website now - and will be with retailers over the next few days. And expected sometime over the summer is the white Lotus Esprit Turbo S1 from 'The Spy Who Loved Me', with the red 'For Your Eyes Only' Esprit S2 appropriately scheduled for the winter months. A bumper year for Bond fans.

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Well, it won't be rolling over in the twisty bits!  Bigsmile
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