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Carrera Evolution Track Outdoors

I have been asked for video of my permanent Carrera Evolution layout that lives outdoors... permanently. 
The earliest video that I can find is dated 2002 and shows the layout in its original phase being a simple long format. Later it became L shaped and then the L was extended. So approximately half of the track sections have been exposed to all sorts of weather for 20 years and it wears it well. The stainless-steel rails show no sign of tarnishing/corrosion and the plastic has not become brittle. General pollution builds up so I have to give it a scrub if it has not been used for a long time. Spider's webs are a constant feature and can provide "trophy dirt" on the cars if not cleaned away. Birds mess can accumulate but again the Carrera track is impervious. Curious cats can be a challenge but bribery with treats is a quick way to divert them.
In its current form the layout is about 13 metres in length and it has a single cross-over section so one lap is just over 26 metres and takes about 15 seconds. Driving in the rain is good fun, light snow can be fun also!
The controller connections are standard Carrera but are underneath and reasonably sheltered.  The power-pack is in the adjacent shed (controllers are stored in there).  There are water-proofed infra-red sensors embedded in the track with wiring run into the shed where there is a 25-way parallel port connector for a lap-top computer when required. 
There are booster cables.

Early video:-

Current layout onboard view:-

Current layout overview:-

Cat Video:-

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Loved those vids, especially the last one with the cat, very much like our 'Bobbie'

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

having seen and run a few laps on this track i can confirm how much fun it is 
being outside is novel in it self 
but i have seen pics of it snow covered and it looks so scenic 
as stated the track runs great and the surface patina and decorations give it such an appeal 
maybe Leo you will use it for one of the proxy events ( weather permitting )
will give another dimension to these proxy events 


Darn, I double posted the same video, here is the overview (aka "making of") video.

This layout has hosted proxy events several times, most recently the "EV Triathlon" and the "Brighton to John O' Groats" event where it masqueraded as "The Great Glen"  and Nessie made an appearance - LOL.  



And another cat incident...

Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.
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Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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