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'Friston Forest' Rally Track

It all started about a week ago with thoughts about a 8x4 portable track for weekend relaxation, and somehow it's ended up here...


A ready made vintage Scalextric Classic single track rally stage for the price of two of the tables I was thinking of buying for the original scheme. Collection only on the Bay, 10 minutes from my front door. I had to have it.

Needs a bit of TLC, but it's a track I can pop into the garage at any time of day and have a quick spin round. I already have some ideas about extending it, and also giving it more of a forest theme. I've named it after our local forest, but I have a fondness for Dalby Forest so...there will be log piles!


I love puttering with gears
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Serendipity  Thumbup
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nice find 
happy mud chucking  Thumbup
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I wondered if you’d ended up bidding on it  Thumbup
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Had to. I was a bit disappointed by the condition, but the benefit of that is that going to prompt me to get on with the expansion. It's also going to prompt me to cut the guides on my rally cars down to 6mm depth. 

Question...can I just cut standard piece of classic track down the middle to create two pieces of single track?

I love puttering with gears

Yep, that’s the way to get single lane track. It is better with Classic (and the older SCX track) as the connections are a mirror image, whereas with Sport they aren’t...


You could also cut up one of those C8222 conversion pieces to add Sport. Or use an SCX to Ninco adapter to add Ninco. Lots of fun and possibilities...
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That's cheered me up then!

Plus, I gave the rails a good clean, and filed down the Peugeot's guide a bit, and it runs a lot more smoothly now.

I love puttering with gears
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Phase 1 Expansion Plan

Have cut some Classic track in half to create the necessary pieces needed and have extended the outer loop and added in some elevation, seen at the right hand end of the photo...


I will now see what I can do to with some additional curved pieces to add to the inner loop.

Once I am happy with the layout, then I will figure out how to extend the base boards and scenery to suit.

I love puttering with gears
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Something like this maybe...


I love puttering with gears
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I love it when a plan comes together...


or not...


A 35mm gap is as good as a mile!

I love puttering with gears
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