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U Shaped Layout

Following discussions elsewhere, I have checked what space is available in my garage to set up my track rather than go down the 'portable' route.

I have a space that will accommodate three 1200mm x 800mm table arranged in a U shape, something like this: -


My Chromebook won't run any of the usual track planning software, so does anyone have any good ideas for possible Scalextric layouts on this table arrangement? I'm thinking something like this...(not drawn to scale!)


Thanks in advance

I love puttering with gears
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That is more like a twisty rally stage.
How many lanes do you want?
I think for a two lane racetrack a smoother layout will be better.
It reminds me of Brian's garage track "Conington Park":

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Yes, not very clear sketch...I intended to show about half the lap being straight or sweeping, with the other half being more twisty to check the handling characteristics of a car. I haven't quite got my head round how many track pieces would be involved, but once I get an indication of that, I can assess the balance between straights and curves.

It's intending to be a test track, and will incorporate a lane change crossover so that the car travels around each slot alternately. And no risk of collisions on the crossroad piece which I want to include to balance tyre wear between left and right hand curves.

The layout needs to be in Scalextric Sport track.

And yes, looking at Brian's wonderful layout, mine is very similar. Not in the layout or scenery department, but in the garage 'lock & store' pre-layout arrangement

I love puttering with gears
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It's a tight space... but it's a space for a track Wrench

The 800mm width is too narrow for a full 180-degrees of standard Radius 2 corners with borders (I measured that at 865mm) - so you'd need a R1 in there, but that gives you the chance to use an R3 piece leading in (or exiting) for an interesting complex curve. The longest straight is going to be about three (maybe almost four) feet long, so the circuit would be all about testing low-speed handling. If there is the potential to add more to the right-hand leg (a temporary board, maybe) that would give you a little more straight - my old tiny test track had a six foot straight, which was just enough for a blip of full power to test acceleration and braking. That had a 180-degree R2 turn at one end and a R1 hairpin at the other.

I did sketch out a version of your plan in Tracker2000, including the Scalextric Sport barriers, a bridge rather than the crossroad piece, a single crossover (to use both lanes), minimising R1s and including five R3s...


Plus another one that maximises the straight length, has no bridge / crossroad and includes four R1s and mostly R2s (only one R3)...


That one runs best anti-clockwise - accelerate out of the tight hairpin and brake into the R2 left-hander.

A lot of the design (especially with bridges and elevation) depends on how you can access the tables - what edges are up against a wall etc.
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That's really helpful, thank you. I now have a better idea of scale.

No access to top edge and right hand edge of layout. I was imagining I would stand by the bottom left hand corner of the right hand leg. 

Latest news is that if a certain eBay buy and sell combination happens, I will be able to get two further tables to extend the left hand leg down the page by a further 2400 x 800, so there's my straight!

I love puttering with gears

Reminds me of one of the tracks we race on.  The one straight under the crossover is angled towards the corner to achieve the longest straight possible along the back.  Not sure if that is achievable with the Scalextric pieces though plus depends on sightlines too. 

[Image: A472-E27-D-2741-4-AA4-A953-58-D6627-BF7-D7.jpg] 

[Image: 3-A5-A927-B-158-C-454-D-AF2-C-1-F87-C11-A115-A.jpg]
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Rob...I think I might have just had some sort of "Close Encounter of the Slot Kind" moment!

I love puttering with gears

When I have built tracks for the available space that I have I try to incorporate the longest straight possible, a hairpin, esses, a sweeper and a changing radius corner...but I work with pencil, paper and wood(mdf)

The U shape table arrangement is OK if you are on the outside of the U otherwise the drivers will block each other and you will definitely get a sore neck from turning your head side to side....I suffered this from a simple L shaped setup.

I like both of Woodcotes suggested layouts above. 

With plastic tracks achieving good flow is hard and I see many try to cram as much track into the space as possible...just something to strive for and something to avoid.

Keep going
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