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My little 3lane wooden track

My corona track.
Hello from Germany, my name is Bernd, I'm 69 years old and have been running slot racing since 1980
Since our club track is currently closed, I have built my own little home track.
It started in December in my workshop, unfortunately without permanent heating. In December I quickly bought all the materials because all hardware stores are closed at Christmas until today. The landscape is currently being designed and a time measurement system will be installed shortly
. Track lenght is approx. 13 meter

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Welcome Bernd. Wavegreen

Fantastic track. Thumbup

Welcome here, Bernd and thank you for showing your scenic track.
An overall view would be greatly appreciated.

rallyhub Thumbup

Welcome to SlotRacer, Bernd.

Only 69-years young? A spring chicken. 100-years old is a very long way yet.  Thumbup

Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Overallview is difficult due to the size of the room.
@ rallye hub I,ve tried to attach a video, but failed.Have made one pic during construction Before starting my build I've studied your tracks as well.

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Welcome aboard Bernd, lovely track.

Videos need to be embedded from YouTube. Instructions are HERE.

Hello Bernd,  greetings from Scotland.
Looks like a great slot-car room you have there.  

An easy way to share video is to upload it to Youtube but mark it as "Unlisted".  That way people can only see it if you provide the link, which you could do here using the <Video> button.


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(5th-Feb-21, 03:12 PM)wudda Wrote:  Have made one pic during construction Before starting my build
Hi Bernd,

Thank you for the overview photo. It makes it clearer for me.
Your track must be a lot of fun to drive on.

rallyhub Thumbup

Thanks for the instruction .
Cars are running at 3volts  only. Still no grip on the tarmac
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Great track, very nicely done.
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