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Scale Car Garage - Cobra Ferrari build Pt. 4 - Final Assembly

Please join me as the completed Cobra Daytona Coupe and Ferrari 250 GTO are tested on our track:

Any and all comments are more than welcomed!

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Interesting video for me. 

Not being familiar with the black art of scratch building, what struck me was how you used a dremel fitted to a work stand (I just regarded them as a hand tool), and the use of styrene blocks to make body mounts.

Probably all bread and butter stuff to scratchers, and I must have read about the techniques on here before, but fascinating to see in video form.

I love gears 

Jeremy, thanks so much for watching and for your wonderful post!

The Dremel tool is mounted on a 'Dremel drill press' and a ninety degree final drive attachment added to maximize the 'hands-free' aspect.

Square polystyrene stock works quite well as mounting posts, I discovered this by chance, (square stock was all I had at one point) and continue to use it in this fashion.

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the video!

More to come!


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