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A video of my wooden rally track ΅Flat Over Crest".

Hello everybody,

Let us start with a video of "Flat Over Crest", a British themed scenic rally track:

rallyhub Thumbup

A truly exceptional, and inspirational track.

Bravo Rally

I had a play on this track at Gaydon last year, a superb piece of work and an inspiration to aspiring track builders everywhere. How about showing us some of your previous tracks Hub?

Since I last looked at you track, you have added the dimension of sound - truly truly awesome!!

Hi abie321,

Many thanks again for adding the sound to my video.
You did a great job.

rallyhub Thumbup

Rofl Rofl

Superb   Thumbup

Fantastic detail, well done  Checkeredflag

Quote:Hi abie321,

Many thanks again for adding the sound to my video.
You did a great job.
Sorry abie321, I thought you were abbo (Marc Abbot) from SlotForum.
He mixed that Quattro sound to the video.
rallyhub[Image: lightbulb.png]
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Just for fun, here are some photos of the track at night.

rallyhub Thumbup

Russell Brookes, Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, 4th RAC Rally 1980.                                      Jimmy McRae, Austin Rover 6R4, 8th RAC Rally 1986.
Michelle Mouton, Audi Sport Quattro, Ulster Rally 1985 Turbo failure.                     Roger Clark, Ford Escort RS1600 MK1, British Rally Champion 1972.
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