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Pepsi Challenge Digital Raceway

Converting the Pepsi Challenge Raceway (Analog) version to Digital. WHY? Participation - 2 lane layout yielded more off track time than on. I found visitors loved the appearance and overall experience in seeing races but too many complaints about time spent when not actively on-track to generate positive interest or investment. 6 racers at a time has led to a lot more confusion and skill because of it... but it's new. Features of the old  layout include (2) custom made "Switch Track" pieces which allows changing the layout configuration into 3 possible courses at the flip of a switch (an Oval. Road Course or both together). This is accomplished using 3 light bridges as sensors and model railroad turnout motors wired via an Arduino Mega board. A vast display of LED's for taking externally those functions displayed on a computer monitor including a Leader board to indicate Track Status (Green, Red, Yellow, White (Last lap or Last min.), Fuel status, Penalty (false start), Fast lap, Best Speed and Leader via (2) 1012 Phidget boards. Although not "Scenic" as in a model, the layout has over 150 ground effect lights and a working "Pepsi fountain" to stimulate interest. All sections of track have guard rails with a lane length of just over 100' on a 15 degree angled 12'x8' table reluctantly housed in the wife's 2 car garage.
                 Not sure how but willing to answer any questions or provide more pictures (in detail) if interested, not for bragging rights but... If I can do it, you can too!  The pictures (poor quality but best overall view) are from 2017 with exception of the last  which is new layout. I do have videos of the "switch Tracks" in operation as well as detailed drawings/pictures of lights (LED's) and how made/implemented. I strongly believe in sharing the effort not just displaying it.

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Modification of layout to lessen the degree of difficulty of entering Pit lane, especially if using Curve lane change just before it. Left the Straight in the High Bank 2/30 despite comments, but strengthened the bracing.
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