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Woodland Trace Raceway

Woodland Trace Raceway

Woodland Trace Raceway is a 4-lane mdf circuit with an average lap length of 80 feet. The Trace became operational in January, 2012.

Except for the Corkscrew (which was built using 3/8" mdf to enable sufficient flex), the track is constructed of 1/2" thick mdf. The width between lanes is 3.5". I used Luf's lexan routing strip and tape laying tools in the track's construction.

The surface is 3 coats of semi-gloss latex, a paint/primer blend, lightly sanded after each coat. The track surface is smooth to the touch. This track had excellent grip from the first day. We most often run NSR and Slot.It rubber, but also Ninco rubber or Paul Gage urethane for certain classes of plastic wheeled cars.

Power is provided by a Pyramid PS26K 22 Amp unit. There are two electrical taps into the track and the current is supplied to the cars by 7/32" X 1 mil copper tape. We run at 10v and use DiFalco controllers.

Driver's stations were purchased from Slot Car Corner.

TrackMate takes care of the race management duties.

I built the pit buildings, grandstands, timing tower, bridges, and other trackside accessories from basswood, balsa, and/or photographic mat board. The cliff face is constructed of acoustic ceiling tile. Trees are made of dead azalea branches with Woodland Scenics foliage glued to them.

I downloaded .eps image files from for the signage and used Adobe Illustrator to re-size and in some cases, alter the files. The graphics on the Dunlop bridge were made from scratch based on aerial photos of the 1:1 bridge at Le Mans. I took some liberties in it's design, so it is not a 100% accurate replica.

Landscaping the track is a never-ending process and I will be posting updated photos as changes are made.

Currently, the fast lap record at the Trace is 5.599 sec, set by my highly modified Sportsman Mustang. Most well-prepared cars will lap in the high fives or low sixes.

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Sensational  Thumbup
[+] 1 member Likes woodcote's post

Fabulous track.
[+] 1 member Likes JasonB's post

That is a really great track. Thumbup
[+] 1 member Likes Mazda's post

Hi Steve,

What a race track! Must be a lot of fun to ride on.

rallyhub Thumbup
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The next track I do is going to have a proper corkscrew with many more elevation changes. Look forward to continuing details.
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Brilliant track ,looks a lot longer that 80 ft 

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Absolutely brilliant  Thumbup
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(21st-Sep-20, 05:12 PM)rallyhub Wrote:  Hi Steve,

What a race track! Must be a lot of fun to ride on.

rallyhub Thumbup

Thanks rallyhub, it is a lot of fun. We used to race on it weekly, but we have several tracks now in close proximity, so as a group, we only race on it a few times a year. We do host a few proxy races on it each year too.
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(21st-Sep-20, 05:50 PM)Gordon Steadman Wrote:  Nice.

The next track I do is going to have a proper corkscrew with many more elevation changes. Look forward to continuing details.

The corkscrew is a favorite of many. That and the complex of turns that are Turn 1 and the Andretti Hairpin. Turn 1 is a very gentle left-hander at the crest of a short rise just before the hairpin which is a decreasing radius turn. It can be difficult to find a proper braking point, especially for fast cars which can get airborne at Turn 1. Looking forward to seeing your next track.

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