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Scalextric timing.

Good afternoon everyone, I'm sure this has been asked before on other forums etc but too much information to sit and work through, basically I want to time my laps on my modest Scalextric test track, but I want to be able to easily see the times, I run analogue. any help would be great I don't really want to spend loads of money but understand these things are not free. I looked into the DS stuff but getting it all isn't cheap  thanks again.


I wanted to do the same on my basic Scalextric digital test track. But I don't think there is a lap timer available for basis analogue or digital set ups. 

I got round it by installing a lap counter, and I just set the timer on my phone to a regular length of time (3 mins is my preferred period) and see how many laps I do in that time. So after each adjustment to a car, I do another three sets of three minutes to see if it goes further than any previous configuration.

The further it goes, the faster the car!
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We've been working on a new section of the site which has a section on timing, race control etc.

It's not finished yet, but it might be of use to you...

The SlotRacer's Manual
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A bit off the wall here but the Scalextric "Pole Position" lap timer might be what suits your needs. It speaks the lap times to an accuracy of one decimal place. Below is a link to a unit on Ebay (I have no connection to the seller). A limitation is that the lap times can only cover up to 9.9 seconds. The track type is Scalextric Classic, that might be a problem. Sport to Classic adaptors are available. 

Edit: - Just had a quick play and realised that the times are only called out in qualifying mode, not race mode. 
Hope you hadn't got your hopes up on this.

Here is a video I made a while ago :-

It works with ambient light to a sensor under the track so pretty simple. If you think it might suit, I will dig mine out and do a more detailed video to help you decide.

Ebay item linky  (8 pounds inc shipping !!)


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thanks all for the response, I also had a look at the link on this site, I must say well done, not only is this forum easy to use the information and resources are top notch.
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Thank you, that's great to hear. Thumbup

I'd echo the suggestion of a lap timing app - if you have a smart device. I've used 'LapTracker - Auto Timer' on my iPad...


It records all your lap times - other options might only give a fastest lap. For a couple of quid, it's pretty good - and there are similar apps available for free. I do have the Trackmate system on my HO home track (and at our HO club too) - it is a seriously robust piece of kit, but also a serious investment.


Who is the author of the app?

It's an iOS-only app:

There are plenty more iOS and Android apps designed for various circuit-racing scenarios - athletics, cycling, radio control cars, slot cars etc. LapTracker is just what I've ended up using.


Think I prefer to count laps...good practice for the club car rotation and its helping me develop a more consistent driving style.

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