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Can Scalextric Sport track be used with digital system?

I am thinking about jumping into digital. Can my current Scalextric Analog track be used to expand the size  of a digital layout?  If not, I might just move to the Carrera system.


Hello Jim and welcome.
The answer is yes. Scalextric use the same Sport track for both analogue and digital. You will obviously need the extra digital bits like lane changers but they will connect to your existing stuff.
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Welcome Jim.

It's very likely that your Scalextric track will be fine to extend a digital layout.

If you've got the modern Scalextric Sport track (which is most likely) then you're good to go, and it's all part of the same system.

If you've got the much older Scalextric Classic track (which is much less likely) then it won't connect up.

If you're not sure which track system you've got, take a picture of the connections at the end of the track pieces and we'll be able to tell you.
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Thanks for the info on the compatibility of using the newer Sport track with the digital track. I believe that just might tilt the balance into going digital.


A small addendum to Jason's comments: the colder Sclaextric "Classic" track, also called "spoon" or "loop" connectors will only work in conjunction with the C8222 conversion track.
Older Spanish SCX track is more or less the same as "classic" and can be used with the converter as well.
The surfaces of all these tracks is different. I know know of at least 3 different Hornby Scalextric track surfaces and the SCX track is different as well.
the biggest problem on all of these though is the slot is shallower by 2-3 mm making it hard for newer cars (including Hornby Scalextric's latest) to run well (the "bottom" out).

So while it is technically possible to connect them it is usually not a good idea.

When you add in that the track has to have very good (read: perfect) power flow in digital adding in older Classic track is usually not a good idea.
Here are some tips for Sport track:
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Dvd3500, thanks for the information. I will check out Scalextric tips.


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