Slot Rally

Scenes from the 2005 NSCC anniversary slot car show

NSCC Slot Rally GB event

23rd/24th September 2006

Although the 2005 show was intended to be a one off Gareth was a glutton for punishment and decided to do it again the following year. This time it had a Slot Rally theme and Toyota generously allowed the NSCC to use their headquarters again. Most of the elements were similar to the previous year but, instead of a race competition, a Slot Rally championship was organised with 100 competitors taking part. All told there were 20 rally tracks, 3 public race circuits, 62 trade/charity tables and 3 large manufacturers exhibits.

Overall attendance was slightly down on the previous year but it was another successful show and spawned the National Slot Rally GB Championship which ran at various clubs throughout the UK in subsequent years.

Further information on these first two events can be found in the June 2005 and October 2006 back issues of the NSCC Journal.They were both run on a 'non profit' basis with surplus funds being donated to Toyota's chosen charity, The Children's Trust.

The NSCC never organised a similar event after these two although they have had a significant presence at all later ones. A further show was briefly discussed in 2007/8 with Gaydon mentioned as a possible venue but Gareth, quite rightly, felt that he had "done his bit for the club" and a suitable replacement could not be found within the ranks so there was nobody with the relevant skills to take the idea forward.There was therefore a complete absence of a major show between 2006 and 2009 but the seed had been sown and I will look at subsequent events held at Brooklands and Donington Park on the following pages.

All photos above kindly provided by Gareth Jex who retains the copyright.