Track Plans

Our new Track Plans section is just the thing if you’re thinking about building a new layout, or even if you just want to check out some ideas. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive layout plan with all the parts and measurements listed, or just looking to kick start the creative process, we might well have what you need.

Track plans for a Scalextric Nurburgring, a Wrenn Monza, and a routed wooden track

There are over 130 circuit designs from every major manufacturer, and more will be added regularly to build up another one of our invaluable reference sections.

Track plans for a routed Silverstone, a Scalextric Milwaukee, and a routed rally valley

We’ve got designs for Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco, Tomy AFX, Policar, ScaleAuto, Airfix, and Wrenn. We’ve also got designs for custom built layouts, for those who want to rout their own track. In fact we’ve got track plans for almost every size and scale of layout you might want.

So why not head across and have a look?

Track Plans