Racing Greens

At the end of World War II, the U.K. had two things which would combine to change the very history of motorsport.

Firstly it had a huge number of young men and women returning to civilian life, after being trained to drive, fly, maintain, and repair a wide range of vehicles, from motor cycles, cars, and lorries, to airplanes and boats.

Secondly it had a huge array of solidly constructed airfields, for which the RAF now had little ongoing use. These decommissioned airfields, with their wide concrete runways, winding perimeter roads, and huge run off areas, would soon be put to another use, motor racing.

Programme covers from Snetterton, Rufforth, Goodwood, Davidstow, Thruxton and Silverstone.

British Racing Greens is the story of the airfield race tracks of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, their history, and the effect they’ve had on British motorsport. Including over 60 Scalextric track plans.

British Racing Greens