Track Plans

Scalextric and Ninco track plans

We have some more additions to our track plans to report…

  • First a bit of an African vibe, with the famous Kyalami, and much less well known Chingola in the Scalextric section.
  • Continuing the African theme we have East London, Mellaha, Benguela and Windhoek in the Ninco section.
  • We also have a selection of new routed track plans of various sizes and scales
  • Then we have some new combination HO tracks from CHORC, which each have two possible configarations
  • Finally we’ve added some figure of eight Carrera tracks, and an L shaped Scalextric digital layout.
Mellaha, Tripoli, Ninco track plan

All of which takes us up to 184 track plans in total, with plenty more to come.

Track Plans

Kyalami Scalextric digital track plan