Tales from the Pit Lane

It's not all tea and cakes here at SlotRacer Towers you know. Occasionally there is proper work to be done.

So we've asked our intrepid Pit Lane reporter to delve his hands into the gory entrails of long deceased manufacturers, and cast a withering eye over some of the major player's output over the years.

It's dirty work, but someone had to do it, and we knew just the man for the job.

Please be warned, the results are not always pretty. There are many examples of DNFs, and even projects which should never have been started. But there are also some fine examples of endeavours that we wished had just made it that little bit further. Projects that flowered all too briefly, and but for a few extra numbers on the balance sheet, or the odd sensible decision in the engineering department, might well have made it.

Well, we're here to celebrate both sides of that coin, whilst we send Brian off to get his hands grubby doing the dirty work.

Now, where's that cake?