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Slot car Banners

Good evening,

I am on the look out for some slot car branded track banners, I have been in contact with NSR and they said they would said me some through gauge master but nothing as of yet. but if anyone has anything else would be great.

Many thanks

I think the best route is via the UK distributors - maybe after contacting the company themselves. Gaugemaster distribute quite a few brands - NSR,, Thunderslot etc. Staffs Slot Cars UK could probably be able to sort out SRC banners if you asked nicely - I think they look quite cool. Pendles might be worth contacting too.

Many thanks for the speedy reply, I will go down this route.
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Hello Sunshine84,
These banners get asked about often and people frequently end up buying and installing flags. Chequered and national flags can be bought pretty cheaply from Ebay.



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yeah that's a good idea, I might end up doing that. many thanks.

Manufacturers' track banners seem to be a thing of the past I'm afraid. They all used to provide them FOC to anybody who asked but presumably they have fallen victim to cost cutting. A bit shortsighted I think as they got a wealth of free publicity from them. I had a hell of a job getting some for a club track a while ago. Sean at Pendle's eventually managed to find me some Ninco stuff but that source has dried up as well. Chequered flags are a very good alternative and I used them on my home track.
    Plenty on eBay at a reasonable price. I bought mine from this seller. LINK
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many thanks I have gone down this route suggested, perfect for what I'm after, many thanks again all.
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