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Cars bought by members in 2020

Time to start this one then, what have you bought this year?

My first purchase, Slot.It Mercedes 190E DTM:    

Very pretty but it seems that not even the mighty Slot.It are free of quality control problems. Fired it up and no response, took it apart to find that one of the lead wires wasn't connected to the braids. Also the front wheels wouldn't turn, adjustment screws on the axle too tight. Not a major problem and easily fixed but you would expect a £50 car to actually run straight out of the box!

A small query, this packet of bits was included:    

The wheel  inserts, grub screws and Allen key are fairly self explanatory but can anybody tell me what the washer, black and chrome plastic bits are for please?
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Just got this Subaru BRZ by Policar.


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Just got this Subaru BRZ by Policar.


BTW - if you buy these in the Drift set be careful when extracting them from their poly bag. The door mirrors might pull out and bounce away...

Unboxing video - 

Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.
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First two of the year for me. Needed to adjust the rear wheels on the Mercedes as they were pushed to far onto the axle.

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Can't believe the first two months of the year are nearly over. These are my 2020 1/32 scale new arrivals so far...



I'm looking forward to building the Alfa Romeo Guilia (as a Ti) and the Zephyr MkII...

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Would love to see the Zephyr when it's done.
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Purchased last month and built ready for our GRP5/GT3 class:


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Received this year ready to be prepared for the club "Goodwood Revival" first Fly.

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Just arrived (slow postie round our way!).
 I like the old Proslot Toyota GT1's but when they come up in the nicer liveries often people are asking more than I feel they are worth.
So when this appeared on ebay as "light use" for sensible coin, and having dealt with the seller before, it was a no brainer for me  Sun
Looks, as far as I can tell, like it managed a couple of test laps and was put back in the box, lovely!

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One half of my DTM/ITC pairing arrived late yesterday.
These will be for home use, so the plan is to replace the wheels with more scale accurate diameter ones (hopefully utilising the stock inserts).
Slip on some good urethane's at the rear, add bit of chassis weight where needed and she should be good to go.
I have to say the tampo printing at some edges isn't as crisp as I have come to expect of Slot.It, but I can live with it  Bigsmile

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