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NSR Formula 86/89

The announcement of the new NSR Formula 86/89 range towards the end of 2019 took most people by surprise... especially as the first cars are due any time now. This video of the first 'Test Car' models was posted by NSR today...

The Formula 86/89 concept is typical of NSR - a high-performance racing car class that evokes the shapes and stance of Formula One cars from the late 1980s. The rear track is 67mm, wheelbase 90mm and guide to rear axle 95mm. The weight of the body is 11g and the highest point is 24mm...


Underneath the generic late-80s body is a 21,400 rpm King Evo 3 long can motor in a new inline motor pod that has five mounting points to the chassis. The gear ratio is 10:27. Rear wheels are aluminium air system hubs. Front wheels are 'extralight' aluminium hubs with no-grip tyres. The front axle height is fully adjustable.


Four different chassis and four different motor pods will be available - Medium, Hard, Soft and Extra Hard. A new suspension kit will be available for the Formula cars (soft, medium and hard springs). The current range of NSR gears, pinions and guides will fit the new car. New 1980s-style F1 wheel inserts will be available in white, black, gold and red.


It looks like these cars will shake up slot car club's F1 racing in 2020. Plenty of decals from this era of Formula One are available from the likes of Pattos Place and IndyCals.

RRP for the new NSR test cars is £69.95, but retailers such as Pendles and MRE have them listed for less. They are expected in the UK this month.
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F-1 has always been one of my least favorite classes of the slot car world, but I think I'm going to like these...
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I'm of two minds, and looking forward to hearing live test reports - on wood, which is my own racing environment.

On the plus side, a range of easy to tune, easily compatible cars for a "one model class" are usually popular and provide good racing

But on the other, I am also not a great fan of F1 - coming from the bit of the planet where we have to hold on, or we fall off, F1 takes place while we sleep, and frankly most of us only know about 4 driver names and could only name maybe 3 teams.
And will the noses break off, and if so, how much more cost for replacement bodies - are they going to be available
And being a wood track racer - powerful inline boxers usually create issues of twisting pods and thus misaligning gears, or hopping, especially if the axle bushes are at a fairly narrow point relative to axle width.

Our club actually run the really old Scaley F1s built in the 1970s - half of which came with the Johnson motor, We set them all up with stock Scaley Mabuchi - just hot glued in, fit Ultragrips glued and trued, take out the axle bush slop with superlgue on oiled axle, fit a guide, sleeve the front axle with brass tube and set max guide depth when hot gluing the brass tube in place.
Sounds really crude, but with that low powered motor, they run like trains on tracks, and on 60 - 90 foot wood tracks, do similar lap times would you believe to a blueprinted Group C - simply because they are low, flat, wide and light, and go around corners like . . .  well like an F1 car with 2G of downforce.
And of course, the plastic on those old cars was pretty substantial, so we very seldom break a body.
So that works well, but a 21k Boxer - brutal....

So it will be interesting to see how they pan out.
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