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Info Tacky Wax

A small tip for attaching scenic items to your layout. Try this stuff:

It is normally marketed for dolls house use but it can be used for a wide variety of things and its best use is for semi-permanently sticking down figures on your layout. All you need to do is gently scrape the feet of your figures into the pot so you have a small amount transferred and push them down onto the surface. It really is that simple. The advantage of using Tacky Wax over super glue is that it allows you to move the figures around at will, just lift and plonk them somewhere else. It can be used for buildings as well and can be removed with a little warm soapy water when necessary. Another use is attaching rear wings on your cars so they pop out in a crash rather than break.

Under a fiver on eBay for a 28gm pot which will last forever and be sufficient for thousands of figures.
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I have been called tacky many a time...

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