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Nonnoslot Cars

Looking at grabbing seven of these F1's to add into the racing class in 2020. Can anyone offer any more information on handling, tweaking etc. for the Nonnoslot F1 cars, if there is anyone out there that has heard of these cars.

From what I have been told they run very nice on routed tracks, yes they are a bit pricey but when compared to the price points of NSR and Slot.It, even some Scalextric they really aren't that expensive, even when exchange rates are involved. 

The chassis's are stainless steel, all cars are entirely hand built by Marco himself. The reason I am looking at these cars is they are simply much more robust than what is available out there for track racing, they are not those delicate ptels like Scalextric etc. cars.

Nonnoslot website: Nonno Slot Cars or htttp://


There are two NonnoSlot F1 ranges:

1) NS Lexan for Racers: metal chassis + Flat6 motor + low-detail lexan bodies = very impressive performance on a club track

2) NS F1 Classic: plastic chassis + Policar motor, pod and mechanicals + hand-finished hard bodies = beautiful scale models of classic F1 cars that race very well with Policar classic F1 models and other cars using the Policar pod.

I have heard good things of the lexan club racer cars, but they don't really interest me. 

I have seen a couple of the F1 Classics and they are things of beauty. Plus the Policar mechanicals are the gold standard for classic F1 racing. The hard bodied cars are - of course - more expensive than the lexan cars. And, as Marco builds and finishes each Classic car by hand, you need to contact him and then there is a waiting time for each order.

If a high-detail, hard-bodied classic F1 cars interest you, I really like the Policar classics - they look great, handle beautifully and race really well. I have also used Andi Rowland's 3D printed chassis (link here) to convert a Fly Lotus 78 to run with the Policar pod. I have a couple more classic F1 cars I plan to convert with the 3D printed chassis and Policar mechanicals. One day, I will add a NonnoSlot. Being able to use the Policar mechanicals across various manufacturers is a perfect way of getting the classic F1 grid you want with more-or-less matched performance.

Here's a Policar Lotus 72 with my Lotus 78, with the underside of the 78 to show the chassis and Policar pod...

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