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Scorpius and Carrera compatibility.

Hi Guys.
  Scorpius will be able to work with Carrera systems in 3 ways using 1, 2 or 3 pieces of Scorpius hardware.

1) Use Scorpius Generation II car decoder on an otherwise native Carrera system.

2) Use Scorpius Controller and Scorpius compatible Black Box wireless receiver.

3) Use both the Scorpius controller/receiver in conjunction with Scorpius Gen II car chip.

Notes. Item 3 is especially interesting in that the Black Box and Scorpius chip car BOTH receive the controllers instructions.
This enables full throttle and brake manipulation.

How does it work?
The car chip reads two lots of information simultaneously, from the Scorpius controller and Carrera black box data of the rails via braids.
Here the black box sends all lane change requests to Carrera native lane changers as per Carrera protocols.
However the throttle value is read and before being delivered to motor has it throttle curve and brake manipulated accordingly. Change throttle curves and brakes, both 256 steps, configurable 0-100% in 1% increments. Sensitivity and brakes are all adjustable on the fly.

Brakes and sensitivity as mentioned.
Full tail lights, brake lights and high beam functionality including hardware embedded on Gen II car chip.
Other throttle functions such as speed limiter (pit lane), choke and kiddies mode.

So there you have it. Using Scorpius upgrade parts to enhance the Carrera experience.



Hi Guys,
   Here’s a taste of what the new Scorpius Carrera chip will look like. 
There will be 2 versions.
1. Basic functionality only. 
Advantages: Price and size.
2. Advanced: Addition of plug in lights and accelerometer for the ultimate ghost car.

Both chips will run on native protocols but also have app connection for configuration and wireless upgrades.


Top: Typical existing Carrera chip.
Bottom: Existing Scorpius F1 chip that the Carrera version will be based upon.
The advanced Carrera chip with lights and accelerometer will come around 10x8 and if I add JST plugs for convenient connection it will come in around 12x8mm.

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