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"Hawk" Lancia D50

Long before Cartrix produced their Lancia Ferrari D50, our club started a class for 50's Formula 1 cars, and as I was in love with the Lancia D50, my only option was to use the Hawk kit, which was produced in the mid 60's ( I think ).

The kit was very interior, no driver, no mirrors, no gas caps, exhausts, windshield etc.,......all the little bits, that add up to a really accurate model, and even more frustrating , at the time of launch, it was priced at 49 cents!!!!..........considerably less than I ended up paying 40 years later.  I shouldn't whine, as I ended up buying a few. 

Anyway, I spent a lot of time, finding/building the detail bits, and the car turned out quite well.................Now, anyone interested can buy/convert a Cartrix and save a lot of time and effort.  Bigsmile

The original model kit box.........


I built a fairly straightforward and "soft"  flexi-board design chassis.......this is my favourite design for slow motor/skinny tired cars.

Image resized to 87% of its original size [1024 x 768]

As mentioned, I did end up poking around the parts box for a driver, dashboard, mirrors and gascaps.......and I had to make the windscreen, exhausts and front radiator grill.

Here she be.......The wheels are available from RSSlot, and are BWA clones (which are no longer available).......I have painted both the inserts (BWA), and the wheels...... more period correct !!  Thumbup



Image resized to 87% of its original size [1024 x 768
Iae resized to 87% of its original size [10
Image resized to 87% of its original size [1024 x 768
Chris Walker
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Another very nice, tidy build Chris. Thanks for sharing

Nice one Chris, that is a significant upgrade !



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