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Scorpius Wireless new Universal Lane Changer

Hi Guys,
   We are proud to announce the new Scorpius Universal LC.
What is it?
A wireless (WiFi and BLE) board that runs off 8-20V AC or DC in any polarity. It has circuit protection on power in and oit.
It can drive 1 or 2 solenoids and 1 trackside accessory like a light.
It can replace a standard Scorpius, SDD, Carrera or Oxigen LC board in their respective native environments.
It can be installed on timber or plastic track systems.
Can be used as lapcounter if using Scorpius Race Management System.
How do you install it?
Drill two 3mm holes 12mm offset to left of centre of slot. Snip off the Scorpius and Carrera flylead options.
Fit the second photodiode on the flylead as supplied and install under centre of slot for SSD compatibility.
Fix to underside of track using Blu Tack. Ensure the Scorpius beacon and Carrera sensor show line up with your pre drilled holes.
Solder 2 power wires to rails or similar source.
Connect solenoid driver wires.
Install in Lane changer to change lanes.
Install at start to count laps.
Is it configurable?
Yes by proposed app. You can adjust solenoidpower, gate opening time, gate delay, unique ID 1-32
Who would find this useful?
Anyone building any timber track based where Scorpius, SSD, Carrera or Oxigen operating system is in place.
Anyone wanting track telemetry info based pit functions.
Anyone wanting to use the Scorpius RMS
Anyone customising SSD or Carrera LCs.
Can it be used as a lapcounter?
Yes if using Scorpius RMS and dongle.
When will it hit the market?
Mid 2020.
Can it be used in conjunction with the soon to be released Scorpius ultra thin flipper assembly?

Do I need to switch between brands? 

It will auto detect Scorpius, SSD, Carrera and Oxigen cars and operate accordingly.

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Very nice indeed. Great progress on the project, it is all coming together very nice, and fast. You have to be proud of the work, effort and outcome.

Thank you for taking the time, effort, energy, skills, development and support to the Slot Car industry. It is people such as yourself that are making this industry move ahead in leaps and bounds, especially in the 21st Century.

These are the type of products that will do this industry great justice. 

Again, Thank You.

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Will this support the Selective Lane Changing of the oXigen protocol?

OK so the universal board is available what about a universal flipper to go with this?   For me its the ultimate system, I could install in 3D printed track pieces.   I  already use a dum 3D printed pit exit that leads onto the inner lane of a Scalextric R2.  Being able to do my own pit entry and other complex track parts is a dream.

Hi UshCha,
    Yup that’s already been prototyped and online in various places. It’s 3D printed and kept seperate from the electronics. It needs adjustments still as it’s in the prototyping stage still.
However I’ve only made a straight flipper no curves so far.


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