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Car bits that have broken off.

Hi to All. right the the point. I have almost finished our racing season and as always some cars have lost bits usually back wings have broken off and of course wing mirrors. so my question is how can I make my own, to buy these parts are quite expensive and that if you can buy them. Scalextric are better that most, (maybe as you would expect) but some other manufactures are quite hard to find the right parts. anyway can we please have a think and find somehow to make at least the back wing, or maybe you have the same problem and have found a way to make these parts. 

Thank you for reading


There is a growing cottage industry of 3D printed wings appearing on Shapeways - and I suspect plenty more people doing the same on their home printers. I have passed on 1/32 scale 3D printed wings, but did buy some for a few vintage 60s and 70s Tyco and Aurora HO Can-Am cars that needed them.

For more DIY stuff, I like using black polycarbonate sheet fixed together with Shoe Goo - it's a robust and light combination. I re-use black plastic packaging (which I believe is difficult to recycle). I use the original wing (if there is one) as a template. The polycarbonate can also be glued - with a flexible glue like Shoe Goo or E600 - to the existing wing to repair or replace broken struts. A guy at our club has used silicone phone cases (£1 each at the pound shop) as a source of material to build wings, mirrors and other broken bodywork. He uses an industrial-strength contact adhesive, but Shoe Goo (or E6000) should work too.

This Scalextric Porsche has a rear wing made from a silicone phone case - it survived a 6 hour digital race...

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Thank you Woodcote, Very interesting and I will be visiting pound shop and also looking at getting some shoe goo.
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Not specifically related to buying replacement parts, though images show the damage that can occur.

Thought I would show the left over carnage from a mixture of Scalextric AMG GT3, Scalextric F1 and Pioneer cars. There is a variant in items, from antenna, side mirrors, wings, exhausts, bumpers even a steering wheel.

I have glued the front wing of a F1 car with Selleys PlasticFix which contains two parts to the glue. 
Part 1 is the Primer, and Part 2 is the Adhesive (like SuperGlue tube but not). The PlasticFix does work really good, I suggest though, some careful prep work be done such as smoothing both joints before application and do a dry 'fit test' I buggered it a bit as the plastic sort of melts a little, used too much pressure and ended up with a ridge line, so had to get the trusty Rotary Tool and grind it down.

I've retained the parts for 3D scanning replacements eventually.

1 Parts Laid Out

2 Parts in Container

Thanks Johnno Its good to know its not just me that loses parts and not seems on a regular interval. I have just ordered some Milliput epoxy Putty ill try using this to make the wing mirrors and neoprene rubber for the back wings. with some paperclips for other parts. so Ill let you know how things go. its expensive to replace with the proper parts and that if you can get them in the first place.  

Howdy Martyn

It really is not our fault that parts fall off or break off, they should make the cars better  Bigsmile these delicate petals just are not made for the rough and tumble life they are operated in.

Seeing parts fly off a car on impact does add some drama and thrills, over the short period I have been in the slot car industry I have seen some fantastic off's, some that could never be repeated such as a de-slot from the top level at full speed to land at the bottom facing the wrong way and hit the slot perfectly to continue driving.

I have had one car that hit the brick wall and disappeared in amazing fashion with even the tyres flinging off the rims, nothing but parts left.

Back to the topic, yes spare parts especially wings are seriously expensive, I have tried to buy a F1 front wing and was shocked at the price of $20 AUD... + $9 shipping on top. This is why I have looked at 3D printers in the past and really should make the jump into buying one within the next two months, but which one?

If prevention is better than cure... running non-mag reduces the impact velocity as cars will tend to slide before they de-slot rather than ‘snapping’ loose and flying off the track. 

I also remove the wings from my cars as part of racing prep - a little solvent (lighter fuel) usually loosens the glue from the underside of the body and the lugs will ease out with some gentle, but firm pushing. I then replace the wing, unglued (sometimes with a little blu tack to hold them in the body) so they may come off in an impact but are much less likely to break. You can have a racing rule that if the wing comes off in a race, the car must pit to replace it within 5 laps or serve a penalty / disqualification.

Missing mirrors, exhaust pipes and windscreen wipers are part of the racing scars and history of a car. I quite like that. What I do like very much is the little spares pack that comes in most Carrera cars - usually a pair of wing mirrors.

Completely hearing you and understand totally. I currently am heading down another path with slot cars and that path is a MrTrax 4-lane routed modular system. I do have a thought at the back of my mind to sell all the plastic track and items I have and go 110% all in on the routed system, then I also have the thought of doing a basic plastic digital scenic.

So running with out magnets will be a big move and game changed for myself and this hobby and am sure as you mention the cars will slide (drift) more without that magnet grip, therefor the impacts will be much lesser force behind them. I guess in some way I do have the wings and items that have fallen off or busted off, in regards to the wings, they simply push into the holes on the rear ends, they are not even glued which is why I am not too fussed as the wings can simply be inserted, again I guess I am lucky that none of the supports have been busted.

I like the idea of drive through penality for dislodged, missing car items such as in real races and have also thought about this, currently I am a solo racer with my neighbours kids randomly popping in for a drive, this is when the cars fly off the track full speed, I have been saying lets see who can stay on the track the longest, the most laps without crashing is the winner, this changed their driving immediately, I also have been teaching them a little bit as they go along such as power off coming into a corner and power on coming out of the corner.

As you mentioned about mirrors, exhausts, wipers etc coming off as part of the race I agree 100% that is racing, and in real life this happens. I haven't gone down Carrera cars, just not sure about them, hesitant for some unknown reason.
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Not technically parts broken off cars, however these images show how low the BMW McLaren F1 GTR is.

SLOT.IT CA10L-SSD - BMW McLaren F1 GTR - Donington 1997 #27 under pan 1

SLOT.IT CA10L-SSD - BMW McLaren F1 GTR - Donington 1997 #27 under pan 2 (close up)

Or how bumpy your track is!!!

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