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Scorpius Generation II car decoder development

Hi Guys,
The first generation car chip released on July 1st 2011 is still the same chip after 8 years. Quite remarkable and could probably still go another 5 years.

However times change, new technology becomes available and customer requirements change.

So whats on the table?

Well were not quite sure yet. I have a pretty good idea. Im putting together a wish list of goodies.

1.Smallest chip. Under 375 sq mm.

2.SSD DPR hatch and plug compatible. Convert your Scalextric car in 60 seconds no soldering.

3.SSD native compatible. Use SSD powerbase, controllers and lane changers.

4.Carrera native compatible. Use Carrera black box, controllers and lane changers.

5.Oxigen hardware compatible. Can run, change lanes and detect magnet for lap counting. Send lap count info to Scorpius RMS. An option for existing
Oxigen users. Later if Oxigen are wiling to share protocols we can have a common standard. Uses SSD IDs 1-6.

5.Auto detect for various systems. Simply put car on rails. It figures out what system it is. No configuring using app or other methods.

6.Accelerometer. Used for what we hope will be the ultimate ghost car. Also used to detect rear end bumps and crash severity for RMS damage algorithm.

7.Switchable between nRF shockburst and Bluetooth. Place car on rails. Tap car 3 times on roof. Car converts to BLE for firmware upgrades,
reconfiguring and app driver control (Without dongle). Tap again to convert back to nRF (Scorpius protocols).

8.Hall sensor. Used for Oxigen compatibility and for car/motor tuning, ie detect exact RPM.

9. Back EMF detection. Used for traction control, current sensing, motor analysis.

10.Headlights and tail lights controlled from controller.

11.Analogue compatible using Scorpius WAM.

12. App connection.

13. Improved car telemetry. G force readings, back EMF etc.

14. Ability to send telemetry and lap counting information to Scorpius RMS while in SSD or Carrera native mode.

So were in the planning stages. Lots to think about.

Forum think tank open. Any requests or ideas please add here.


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Hi Rick,
When do you estimate that the decoders will be ready to ship?

[Image: 4CA4BA3C-BD9A-4852-8480-B6037564F693_zpsoxqmpvbk.jpg]

Hi Guys,
   Heres the most advanced car chip ever designed. 
Samples arriving in 4-6 weeks.
Firmware development starts mud January.
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(2nd-Oct-19, 08:21 PM)OC-SlotRacing Wrote:  Hi Rick,
When do you estimate that the decoders will be ready to ship?

We hope by September


Hi Guys,
   In Jan/Feb we start the firmware for various functions.
If anyone has any special requests or cool suggestions please post here.

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Here it is folks the most advanced slot car chip taking shape.
Next stage is to do all the solder on work, lights, power and motor wires, leds, photodiodes, and then ship them to John for initial programming.
Size is an amazing 27.3x12.8x1.6mm
349.44 sq mm 
559 cubic mm


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Hi Guys,
    Time to add all the various hardware. Theres 27 pins on the Scorpius chip, 24 are through hole and 3 are programming pads.
   So we have on the bottom side SSD and Carrera LEDs and Scorpius Photodiode for the DPR hatch. Those whos cars do not have DPR hatches will use the flylead options.
Also visible is headlights, tailights, JST plug for braid and motor wires, hall sensor and antenna.
Next stage firmware and then testing phase.

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Hi Guys, 
    Ive just done an install on the new Gen II chip (note antenna hasnt been added yet at time of photo).
Ive chosen a ThunderSlot Lola and shown side views of how thin the new chip is (1.7mm).
Firmware next to be added next year.
All unwanted wires and LEDS removed. This car is for a Scorpius track so the photodiode was used. A non JST plug version was used to save weight and space.
Silicone braid (power) wires are standard.


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Wow! No need to twist the wires? No need for a ferrite man on the guide end? Only one ferrite man on the motor now? No ground wire to the motor anymore? Fantastic!
I love to see the installation simplified like that. 
And no need to do anything with firmware or settings or anything is fantastic. Just put the chip in the car and slap it on any old track and drive it like I stole it. I'm sure my club will be ecstatic when we can stop worrying about what track we're racing on and what kind of chip or firmware we need to install. 
And all this in just a few more months.

Hi Greg,
    Yup time rolls on we and we learn. Still a long trip ahead and maybe some more learning to do yet. But things are a lot easier this time around. 
Each car will need varying protection and more so with more cars on the track so the picture may not be indicative of every scenario. 

Do you have issues with 6 cars with certain set ups?


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