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Charlestown, NH Victory Lane 09-01

New divisions began this past Sunday. The Modifieds saw a mix of Reality Raceway, NYModifieds, and AMP bodies. The brand new Sportsman Modifieds are more vintage using molded bodies like Pintos and Gremlins. The Indy Roadsters are back as are the Stock Cars. The next race is September 15. Come try a car, watch the races, and enjoy some hot dogs with Ruth's Mustard. Call 603-826-4242 for details. Racing is free, as are the hot dogs.

[Image: 724905_629613aaa9ab4981829b5f4142be2c43~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_f263db6c0c4e48b5a08567f0ddad2b91~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_cf2123c4ae474163a96f77c595959bbf~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_401490b7c0e041118b7df906687b374d~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_603e76301dea49ea9211f033056697a7~..._s_4_2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_1360dd6f40a64dcda52d13f6db8dec32~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_e0c57c36b9564d9d953808fe050284af~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_414b367256b146539d166aac5d5fbb32~mv2.jpg]

Oval Racing in New Hampshire -
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