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The joys of gardening

We have discussed mowing grass before but my subject for this morning is hedge trimming!

We have a four acre plot and along one boundary is a public right of way. My darling wife decided that a screen would be a good idea so along the edge of the cultivated bit is a long and now quite tall (2.5 metre) laurel. Quick growing see Tappingfoot 

We try and use manual methods where possible to do our bit but ye gods, using cutters and trimmers is hard on 72 year old shoulders. I did about 20 metres this morning and I'm now collapsed over the Mac and having coffee and chocolate to revive me.

I still think Ronnie is rotten to waive the 'her outside' - 'me inside' rule. Caught me out as clearly, once the inside is done.........

I can definitely sympathise Gordon.

Our hedges had been neglected for a decade when we moved here. All the hawthorn, and blackthorn bushes were 5m tall trees. I get a bit chopped back each winter, but it's hard work.

We've got some laurel too, and it's an absolute thug. Fortunately ours is kind of hidden away, so it only needs cutting back every now and again. I wouldn't fancy a whole hedge full of the stuff.

The 'best' bit is getting rid of the stuff afterwards!  Tappingfoot

(23rd-Aug-19, 10:43 AM)Top Down Wrote:  The 'best' bit is getting rid of the stuff afterwards!  Tappingfoot

Yes indeed. At one time we could have just swept it all up and bunged it on the bonfire but that is no longer allowed. It all has to be bagged up and taken to the dump. This is a major trim and I'll be ferrying it for weeks!

Funny enough I've just bought a hedge trimmer that will reach 3m ,had to get it to trim all my bloody neighbors trees and bushes , he'll be ferrying that lot to the tip for weeks once it's all chucked over the fence


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