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Emergency and Support Services vehicles

Hi All,
Here's another thread for photos of our police cars, marshal cars, safety cars and other race support service stuff. 
Yes, it's just like the other thread!

Hmmm, where to start. How about these...


...which make me very happy indeed that I managed to get hold of one of each. Right place, right time I suppose. When I saw the red one, and then saw the price I walked away. Then, about 2 seconds later I came to my senses, realised I'd regret not getting one forever and blew most of my 2017 Slot Festival budget for the day on it. I'm so glad I did.





As soon as Scalextric released the Black DB5 this year I was expecting them to go on to release a marshal version as an update of the old black DB4 one. I was very surprised to see it as a 2019 Slot Fest special, I'd have thought Scalextric would have wanted to release that themselves as I bet there's a massive market fo them as a standard model. Anyway, I blew most of this years Slot Fest budget on one, and I'm glad I did!





It looks lovely but out of the two I think I prefer the red one.

And just for reference, here's the old black one:





Ok, that should have put this thread on the map! 

More to come, but what have you got?
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Ok got these , I think they count ,the fire appliance is from an old Landrover with a plasticard back half ,the  breakdown truck is as bought and the ambulance is a repainted Landrover 

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Nice. They definitely count!

Here's an Airfix Police Mini I bought at the Orpington swap meet. It's tiny, but very charming. I'm surprised there's room in there for the officers hats.




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My layout is a 70s rally track, which wouldn't usually have had marshal's cars, safety cars, or fire engines. So I only have a few support vehicles.

Scalextric Mini Police car

Ford Transit Mk1 Bullnose service barge. Resin kit. This one of my favourite drives. It weighs a ton, it's got a high centre of gravity, and narrow tyres, but I like a challenge.

And a couple of die casts.
Land Rover by Britains.

Massey Ferguson for pulling cars out of ditches. I can't remember who made this.
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Emergency ambulance. It has to hide behind the barriers as it is an under-scale (1/35th) Corgi diecast and the tiny wheels are a bit of a giveaway. It looks OK if you can't see them.
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Porsche 911 Polizei by Fleischmann

Its especially fitting that I post this, as I got this excellent car from Richard


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Great, glad you're enjoying it! As you probably recall, I managed to get hold of a new boxed one:



I also managed to get it's companion too.
It's dangerous sharing a birthday with the Gaydon Slot Festival! I've treated myself to quite a few pricey cars over the last few years.


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Here's some more Porsches:





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Richard have you ever considered getting one of George Turners superb kits that he has at the moment on trackside support vehicles?

Oh yes! I had a chat with George at Orpington about his Bedford and Transit vans and flat bed recovery trucks, they look fantastic and I'll definitely be buying but unfortunately I seem to have so little spare time I can't realistically see them ever being made and used. The same goes for the Pendles Volvo 850 police car and the Mk2 Jag they had at Gaydon. Both definitely yes, but I doubt they'll make it onto the track for a long time!

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