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Energy bills

Figure this one out if you can. I am on a fixed tariff with EDF, payment by monthly direct debit, expiring in September. Did my meter readings last week and the bill said I was in credit so they have refunded £62. So far so good. Then had an email from them saying I am not paying enough to be on a zero balance in September so they are going to increase the debit by £10 a month! Errrr........... couldn't they have left it as it was, used the credit balance and refunded later or is that too simple for them? Banghead

Its getting easier and easier to switch suppliers. I just moved from EON to PFP. We all need to switch whenever they let us down so the energy companies realise that the customer is king.


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Yes, easy to switch suppliers, I do it every year but they are all a pain to deal with. They are forever mucking about with the direct debit amounts without any logical reason and don't get me started on smart meters!

I have been contemplating this same thing myself for a year now, finally got motivated to sort out the incredibly hard to decipher billing and make the phone call to switch.

Power pricing in Australia in NSW has risen on average 63% in three years... for nothing. The government in their dumb wisdom sold our power grids off for short term income costing all Australians this hefty price hike, they even termed it: 'Gold Plating of Lines and Poles', matches the bloody prices.

What really gets my goat is they charge for supplying the line to my unit (one meter) yet on the bill they charge me for two lines, one Peak the other Off-Peak (hot water), yet there is only ONE line in... how do they justify the two daily charges for one line, I asked this and they could not answer, simply saying because we can, my Barrister says this is illegal, if they want to charge for two then they must run another line in for my Off-Peak, case on-going for this issue.

My main reason wanting to switch is to get my meter upgraded to a new one, this current one is over 25 years old and simply does not offer the benefits of the newer meters, such as Smart Meters that provide 'time of use' features, which are simply Peak, Off-Peak Control Load 1 (hot water systems usually) Shoulder 1 and Shoulder 2.

Both Shoulders offer a cheaper rate for longer period at specific times, for example Shoulder 2 offers me 16c/khr from 10pm to 7am Tuesday to Friday and 10pm Friday to 7am Monday (the entire weekend is half price)

My current provider (Origin Energy aka Essential Energy) wants to charge me $300 to change the meter, speaking with Red Energy they are a lousy $15 per month cheaper and will install the new Smart Meter for free. 

Just waiting for the landlord's permission, told him if he refuses then he will be getting a reduced rental payment of $20 per month from me in turn to cover the cost of outdated non energy efficient meter, spoken with the Tenancy Tribunal and they agreed with me. 

Time will tell.

In Belgium we are truly a socialist society.

In one way I love it - the medical is superb - choose your own doctor, go when you want, no queues and rated 4 in Europe (uk 11th). Minimal contributions - but we do contribute 8 euros per month, and 10 euros per Doctors visit.

The good citizens will strike whenever there is a major disagreement.

BUT - 3 years ago the government changed the energy rules:
1) VAT want from 6% to 21% with 1 months notice.
2) we were to be charged for the CARRIAGE of the energy used. viz delivery charges.
3) The lowering of charges, or repayment if you supplied the system because you had solar panels, came to an end and was replaced by a TAX if you had them. (so many do have them that the central supplier was going out of business).

AND NO ONE SAID A WORD - no strikes no protests nothing!!

My gas expense doubled overnight.

I personally know the CEO of Octopus Energy.
He and I worked together on a project about a decade ago and remained in contact.

I can't use his company as a supplier (yet) but for those int he UK it might make you feel better...

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