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The Mythical Purple Vanwall

Back in 1968, the release of the 1969 French Scalextric  catalogue showed all the cars as was usual, that would be available in 1969. Normally in the catalogues, Scalextric/Mecano would show cars in the colours that would be available for sale. Lo and behold, there was a big head driver (already this type long out of production) Purple Vanwall. As we all know this car in this colour was never released. To the best of my knowledge there are also no known pre-production purple samples available or been seen (open to correction on this).


On one of te FB pages, an offhand comment was passed that Mikel at Iberslot should make the fabled purple Vanwall. Mikel is very well known for his masterful re-creations of Early scalextric impossible to find in 'that colour' cars. I have a few of these cars and the recreation is point perfect. His work is simply fantastic. Mikel then said if 25 takers were found he would produce the car. 25 people very quickly took up his offer, and his production started. Mine arrived yesterday, and as i expected it is wonderful. Mine has an original 1960s's Scalextric RX motor, with new square single pin guide, along with original metal  contrate. To me - simply wonderful.



As an aside:
We have already had one or two people saying we (those who bought them) are just trying to create fakes to sell to unsuspecting buyers at exhorbitatnt prices. However from what I see all those who bought are collectors and wanted a talking point in their collection that also fills a gap of what was shown in catalogues. Personally I will never hide that its a recreation, but to be honest even though it is a recreation, it is artisinal work of the higest degree, with a lot of original parts and thus if I ever did sell it, it will always be relatively expensive.

For me it is just a joy and I hope you all enjoy this unusual and  fun item.
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Obviously a brilliant piece of work but oh how I hate that colour Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl

Is it me or is that catalogue illustration more of a deep damson red, rather than purple?

Oh no, please don't tell Anthony is a sort of red....................
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Red - did you say red???? Where where????  Rofl Rofl

LOL - no it is purple - bad picture from my camera Thumbup

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